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The History of Punk Playlist #49


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 26 October, when Tyler Butler and his Handsome Friends played a LIVE SET in studio!

You can also catch TBAHHF at The Mercury Room this Wednesday, 28 October. All the info can be found…HERE!

And remember – FOLK = PUNK!

1. George Ireland and the Willie Nillies (Edmonton) – “Minka Minka”
2. Joe Vickers (Drumheller) – “Weatherworn”
3. Tyler Butler & His Handsome Friends (Edmonton) – “Bury me in the Garden” (Live in Studio)
4. Tyler Butler & His Handsome Friends (Edmonton) – “Ben” (Live in Studio)
5. Tyler Butler & His Handsome Friends (Edmonton) – “Cradle Robber” (Live in Studio)
6. Jesse & the Dandelions (Edmonton) – “Looking at the Sun”
7. Eamon McGrath (Edmonton) – “Canadian Shield” (Live at CJSW)
8. Art Bergmann (Vancouver) – “Drones of Democracy (Live at CJSW)


The History of Punk Playlist #48


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 19 October, aka ELECTION DAY!

1. Choir and Marching Band (Edmonton) – “Bachelor”
2. Shout Out Out Out Out (Edmonton) – “Never the Same Way Twice”
3. Sir Ma’am Ma’am (Edmonton) – “Papermate”
4. The Anatomy Cats (Edmonton) – “Ashes on the Floor”
5. The Offspring (Huntington Beach) – “Jennifer Lost the War”
6. Pigeon Breeders (Edmonton) – “Jungian Swells”
7. Basia Bulat (Etobicoke) – “Where have all the Rude Boys Gone?”
8. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists (DC) – “Mourning in America”
9. Blü Shorts (Calgary) – “Yeti”
10. The Frolics (Edmonton) – “The Frolic Room”
11. The Cramps (Sacramento) – “Fever”
12. Power Buddies (Edmonton) – “Pouncy Peter”
13. Billy Bragg (Barking) – “Waiting for the Great Leap Forward”
14. Pearl Jam (Seattle) – “Brain of J”
15. The Exploited (Edinburgh) – “I Believe in Anarchy”
16. NOFX (LA) – “Murder the Government”
17. Andrew W.K. (Palo Alto) – “Oh Canaduh”
18. Fugazi (DC) – “Repeater”
19. Dead Kennedys (San Francisco) – “Kill the Poor (Live)
20. Death (Detroit) – “Politicians in My Eyes”
21. The Minutemen (San Pedro) – “This Ain’t No Picnic”
22. The Clash (London) – “Know Your Rights”


The History of Punk Radio Show #47


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 12 October!

  1. Hey Rosetta & Yukon Blonde (CANADA) – “Land You Love
  2. Tropic Harbour (Edmonton) – “Golden Rays”
  3. Joe Keithley Interview
  4. DOA (Vancouver) – “I Live in a Car”
  5. VIBES (Edmonton) – “Plus Signs”
  6. Arrabio (Trinidad, Cuba) – “Arrabio”
  7. Adictox (Santa Clara, Cuba) – “Diversiones”
  8. Johnson from Accounting (Edmonton) – “Macho Bullshit”
  9. Edronet (Edmonton) – “B YR DAWG”

    Solidarity with Survivors


    Solidarity with Survivors

    Johnson from Accounting!

The History of Punk: Joe Keithley Interview!


D.O.A. is currently on tour in Alberta and BC! While driving through the mountains to Red Deer (but not at the wheel) Joe Keithley spoke to me about important punk related issues. Listen here:

Upcoming tour dates:
D.O.A. Oct 8th Red Deer The Vat Pub
D.O.A. Oct 9th Edmonton Brixx
Joe Keithley Oct 10th Edmonton The Cask and Barrel 3PM
D.O.A. Oct 10th Calgary, AB nite owl Evening Show
D.O.A. Nov 7th Vancouver, BC Rickshaw Theatre

The History of Punk Playlist #46


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 5 October!

The guys from Snake Legs and Old Towns co-hosted and we talked about the bands’ upcoming Blackout West Tour, the awesomeness that is the Edmonton punk scene, the unawesomeness that is displacement of the homeless in downtown Edmonton, protest music, and the upcoming Solidarity with Survivors: A Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton Fundraiser.

1.  The Clash (London) – “I’m Not Down”
2. Old Towns (Edmonton) – “Freight Train Blues”
3. Snake Legs (Edmonton) – “Desperate Times”
4. Fire Next Time (Edmonton) – “Chorus of Crows”
5. Audio/Rocketry (Edmonton) – “Hey Dynasty, Don’t Forget”
6. No Use For A Name (San Jose) – “Justified Black Eye”
7. Anatomy Cats (Edmonton) – “Shared Existence”
8. Johnson From Accounting (Edmonton) – “I Wanna Skate”
9. Youth Brigade (LA) – “One in Five”
10. Blue Rodeo  (Toronto) – “Stealin’ All My Dreams”


The History of Punk Playlist #45 – 2015 FunDrive!


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 28 September! It was our VERY special 2015 FunDrive edition – thanks to F&M for coming into the studio, all the FunDrive volunteers, and everyone who donated to the show – YOU HELPED THE HISTORY OF PUNK RAISE $780 TO KEEP CJSR ON THE AIR!!!!

  1. The Sonics (Tacoma) – “Money”
  2. Richard Hell and the Voidoids (NYC) – “Blank Generation”
  3. Los Saicos (Lima) – “Demolición”
  4. K-Tels (Vancouver) – “I Hate Music”
  5. The Ramones (NYC) – “Judy is a Punk”
  6. Ben Disaster (Edmonton) – “I Wanna Hate You” (Live at CJSR)
  7. The Saints (Brisbane) – “Stranded”
  8. SNFU (Edmonton) – “Drunk on a Bike”
  9. F&M (Edmonton) – “We Miss the Sea” (Live in Studio)
  10. F&M (Edmonton) – “Maybe Tomorrow” (Live in Studio)
  11. F&M (Edmonton) – “Kukushka”
  12. Rebuild/Repair (Edmonton) – “Pieces, Destroyed” (Live at CJSR)
  13. Gorilla Biscuits (Edmonton) – Degradation”
  14. The Anatomy Cats (Edmonton) – “Aftermath of Apathy”
  15. Jim Nowhere (Edmonton) – “For You” (Live 2011 FunDrive Edition)
  16. Bikini Kill (Olympia) – “Rebel Girl”
  17. Cheap Wig (Montréal) – “That Witch”
  18. Nirvana (Seattle) – “Very Ape”
  19. The Avengers (San Francisco) – “The American in Me”
  20. The Vibrators (London) – “Disco in Moscow”
  21. Billy Bragg and Wilco (Mermaid Avenue) – “All You Fascists”

cjsr funDRIVE