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Celebrating Inner City Talent


From 2-18 December, the visual art of inner-city community members will be on display at City Hall in Edmonton. This exhibit showcases the talent of folks who flourish creatively even while under difficult circumstances. It may also make some more privileged people question why they aren’t able to draw anything better than a stick-man.

Please stay tuned to the blog for posts on different artists while the exhibit is on! And on head down to our municipal center of governance to see the free exhibit firsthand for yourself!

Art in the heART of the City

The History of Punk Radio Show #7


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 3 November!

1. The Offspring (Huntington Beach) – “LAPD”
2. Dead Kennedys (San Francisco) – “Police Truck”
3. Sex Pistols (London) – “Anarchy in the UK”
4. Crass (Epping) – “Big A, little a”
5. Stiff Little Fingers (Belfast) – “Alternative Ulster”
6. The Ramones (NYC) – “Bonzo Goes to Bitburg”
7. The Minutemen (San Pedro) – “West Germany”
8. The Minutemen (San Pedro) – “Viet Nam”
9. DOA (Vancouver) – “WWIII”
10. The Clash (London) – “Washington Bullets”
11. The Avengers (San Francisco) – “The American in Me”
12. The Sonics (Tacoma) – “The Hustler”
13. The Subhumans (Vancouver) – “Slave to My Dick”
14. The Slits (London) – “Typical Girl”
15. Worst Days Down (Edmonton) – “How’d You Like a Putter to the Face?”

DKinAT Dec 84

Punk in the Winter City



The History of Punk Radio Show #6


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 27 October!

1. The Modern Lovers (Natick) – “Pablo Picasso”
2. The Sonics (Tacoma) – “Psycho”
3. Death (Detroit) – “Keep on Knocking”
4. Rocket from the Tombs (Cleveland) – “Ain’t it Fun”
5. The Clash (London) – “Clampdown” (Live)
6. The Ramones (NYC) – “Sheena is a Punk Rocker” (Live)
7. Sex Pistols (London) – “No Feelings” (Live)
8. The Replacements (Minneapolis–Saint Paul) –”Let it Be”
9. Mission of Burma (Boston) – “Academy Fight Song”
10. The Minutemen (San Pedro) – “Maybe Partying Will Help”
11. SS Decontrol (Boston) – “Boiling Point”
12. Fugazi (Washington DC) – “Waiting Room”
13. The Smalls (Edmonton) – “True Narcissist”
14. The Evaporators (Vancouver) – “What if I Care About the People Who Live in the Seas Around Me?”
15. DOA (Vancouver) – “Burn it Down”
16. The Offspring (Huntington Beach) – “Tehran”

offspring MRR

Clean Up Your Act 4 Humanity



Rallying with the Feenix



F&M is heading EAST! (and then back west)


Edmonton’s F&M is touring Canada!

Which means folks can hear the wonderful music from At Sunset We Sing

All the dates can be found here, but in case you’re averse to clicking, just take a gander below!

At Sunset in Edmonton

From the Edmonton release show at The Artery. Photo credit to Sheena Millar!

11.12.2014 (aka TONIGHT): The Capitol Music Club, SASKATOON
11.13.2014 (aka TOMORROW): The Edge Gallery, WINNIPEG
11.15.2014: The Apollo, THUNDER BAY
11.19.2013: Tranzac, TORONTO
11.21.14: Burritoville, MONTREAL
11.22.14: Zaphood Beeblebrox, OTTAWA

11.28.14: Bellevue Hall, EDMONTON
12.03.14: The Railway Club, VANCOUVER

And as an added bonus, F&M’s talented guitarist Brian is teaming up with his partner Tess on November 30th to release their album Autumn at Edmonton’s Citadel Theatre!