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Give Colleen Brown some Major Love!


Edmonton’s Colleen Brown is making an album, and she’s doing it without the help of a big-time record company. I’ve seen enough movies to know this means she’ll be missing out on regular things, like, you know, renting  big airplanes to fly in the triangle player first-class from Australia, catered seafood buffets where you just throw all the food out untouched, and using a recording studio that costs $1,000 minute because Peter Gabriel went there once.

It’s true, people sometimes make albums without all that stuff, and this is the case with Colleen Brown’s new project. Instead of all that, she needs YOUR help. She’s trying to raise the money for the upcoming album, tentatively entitled Major Love, through an Indiegogo campaign. And unlike Amanda Palmer, who asked for $100,000 & received $1.2 million, she’s hoping for the quite reasonable sum of $15,000.

Although this will barely cover reasonable expenses, and no triangle players, if you help out you’ll be eligible for all kinds of perks.

Like the album, house concerts, or heck, she’ll even write a song for you.

That’s a pretty sound investment.

Head over to her campaign page and kickstart some Major Love!  And hurry! There isn’t much time left!

Colleen Brown

Here’s the link in case you missed it:

Streetball Showdown Deux


Streetball Showdown 2

The History of Punk, Class #14


The Edmonton Free School
Sunday January 27th  1:30PM
Location: Roast Coffeehouse (10359 104 Street NW)
All-Ages & All-Welcome

“Idle No More” 

Idle No More

Idle No More is bringing all kinds of  issues, opinions, and feelings to the surface in Canada.  In this seminar, we’ll discuss the movement’s  tactics, aims, and portrayal in the media. We’ll also debate its success in communicating grievances, and how its message is resonating with mainstream society.

And if we’re lucky, we’ll help dispel some myths, and place what’s happening now in the wider history of social movements.

UofA PhD Candidate Daniel Johnson will be there to speak and discuss the movement as well.

Please RSVP to if you plan on attending, so we know how many seats to save.

‎”The music strikes up as regularly as at a political meeting.” Edmonton Bulletin report on ceremony at the flats, 1882.
Martin Luther King on “The White Moderate”
Alcatraz is Not an Island”
You say you want a revolution: Soundtracks for Change in American Protest Movements”
“Idle No More is Not Just an ‘Indian Thing'”
Storify’d: Welcome to #Ottawapiskat
Justice minister’s blockade rhetoric risks inflaming public passions
Racism, hunger and laziness: A First Nations youth perspective on Idle No More media coverage
Red Deer Radio DJ Responds to Idle No More
“Daniel Johnson’s Twitter Feed”
“Idle No More – Priscilla Settee and Sheelah McLean”
Idle No More Art: Posters Promote A Revolution
Idle No More: Canadian musicians throw their support behind the movement
“Idle No More album unites Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal artists”
“How Idle No More Could Help Save Canadian Democracy”

Propagandi  – “Oka Everywhere”
“Idle No More – Round Dance Flash Mob at WEM in Edmonton”
“Idle No More – Songs for Life, Volume I”
“Idle No More Mix”
Drezus – “Red Winter”
Crystal Shawanda – “Not Without A Fight”
Boogey The Beat ft. Charlie Fettah, Wab Kinew, Young Kidd – “Idle No More”
Brother Ali – “Letter to my Countrymen”
Nathan Cunningham – “Warriors”
Blue Rodeo – “Fools Like You”
aul Kelly – “From Little Things Big Things Grow”
Shy-Anne – “The Awakening”

Feel free to add to the “Readings” and “Playlist” by leaving a comment below.

Idle No More

Idle No More Rally

Idle No More Sun

Idle No More B&W

In the Heart of the City


In case you didn’t  notice, it’s 2013. This means 2 things:

1)   The film 2012, starring John Cusack, WAS NOT A DOCUMENTARY. 

2)  This year will be the 10th Anniversary of Edmonton’s Heart of the City Festival.

This 2nd item is so important, they didn’t even wait until this year to start the celebration. Last December, the Heart of the City Festival Society held the first of several open mics to get folks excited about 2013’s festival. The event was a hit, and featured a diverse section of the Edmonton music scene – the Big Sky Gliders, Erasmo Coco, Locution Revolution, Sebastian Barrera, and Patrick Marchand-Smith all performed. As organizer David Prodan attested: “it was a fantastic evening that sets a standard for our community.”

HOTCThe next open mic will be this Saturday, January 26th. The shows are in partnership with E4C McCauley Apartments, and held in the city’s urban core, at Pacific Cafe, 10876 97st NW. The show will feature Paula Kirman, and you, if you’re interested.

To sign up for the open mic please call 780 424 2870. Find all the details on the Facebook event page here.

And, just like Cusack’s film kept going, that’s not all!

The Heart of the City Festival Society is also partnering with CJSR to put together a 10th anniversary compilation album. It’s set to be released on the 1st day of the festival, which will be held June 1 and 2, 2013!

If you’re interested in submitting a song, the deadline is the last day in February of this non-leap year, also known as the 28th. All the info you need can be found here.

Heart of the City

It would have made the Grinch’s heart grow 3 more sizes!


Now that it’s mid-January, the lingering consequences of the festive season are starting to disappear. Folks in Edmonton have recovered from their food hangovers, and even their bank accounts are starting to fill up again. As people start to look forward to the coming year, and the warm weather that will hopefully be coming with it, the end of 2012 becomes a cozy memory, in spite of our harsh winter.

This past Christmas, that warm feeling brought on by the holidays even made it to those who suffer through the cruelty of  low temperatures the most.

And it happened because of the Edmonton music community.

On Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day, local artists organized a music festival at Boyle Street Community Services (BSCS). This filled the drop-in centre with music over the most difficult time of the year for people living in the inner city.

Scott Cook (more…)

Warm-up Music for Edmonton


Way back last year, on December 23rd, local Edmonton music venue On the Rocks held the 3rd Annual “Edmonton Musicians team up to help The Bissell Centre.”

It was a resounding success.

As organizer Nathan Richard relates, “it was our best event for the Bissell to date.” They had 350-400 people through the door that night, and with all “the donations, cover charge and turkey dinner,” Richards says, “we were able to donate $3500.”

Not only that, but On the Rocks and awesome folks from the local music community helped out with the #WARMINGYEG campaign. United Cycle and the Bissell Centre have set a goal to provide 800 hoodies for people in need of suitable clothing for our, you know, “special” Edmonton winter weather. At the fundraiser alone, at least 100 hoodies (9 full bags) were donated, as were a whole heap of scarves and toques.

If you didn’t make it out on D23 to see bands like the Collective West (while you battled a pre-Christmas turkey coma), DON’T WORRY. Hopefully there will be another at the end of 2013. In the meantime, you can help keep people warm by heading over here, and donating to the campaign.