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Vegemite Playlist


You know when a song hits it big, and there’s that one person telling you they knew about it before everyone else did? That may have happened to you (unless you were that person, congrats) with the breakout of Gotye, and the song “Somebody That I Used To Know”, and the cover by Walk Off The Earth, and the cover of that cover. That person may act like a know it all hipster that’s got their finger on the pulse of what’s cool. Really, though, all they needed to know how to do was google “Australia.”

something else you might get if you google Australia.

Gotye’s breakthrough in North America was preempted by success in Australia – where everyone had already known about him for years. Thanks to important on the ground research I did, and the best radio station in the world, Triple J, I’ve assembled a playlist of Australian music that could very well include the next song covered by six people playing one guitar. You never know. At the very least, maybe you will get to be the hipster next time.