The History of Punk Radio Show #32

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Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 18 May, when David Gault co-hosted the show, and Jim Nowhere paid us a visit!

1. East End Radicals (Montreal) – “Nation’s Secret Shame”
2. The Rebel Spell (Vancouver) – “Ten Thousand Years”
3. Snake Legs (Edmonton) – “Desperate Times”


4. The Isotopes (Vancouver) – “Juicehead”
5. Shockflesh (Saskatoon) – “Shock”
6. Cancer Bats (Toronto) – “Satellites”
7. Jim Nowhere (Edmonton) – “Twentieth Century”
8. Borscht (Edmonton) – “Jet Stream”
9. The Sweathearts (Edmonton) – “Man Meat”
10. Banshee (Edmonton) – “Raoul Found a Dead Dude”
11. The Operators (780) – “St. Joseph”
12. The Old Sins (Edmonton) – “Six String Dream”
13. Let’s Dance (Edmonton) – “Summer Breeze”
14. Our Mercury (Edmonton) – “Mercury is Fallen”
15. The Cleats (Edmonton) – “Never Look for Tomorrow”
16. Master Splinter (Edmonton) – “Nuketona 500″


The History of Punk Radio Show #31

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Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 11 May, when David Gault co-hosted the show!

1. Les Tabernacles (Edmonton) – “Be My Valentine”
2. The Vibrators (London) – “Automatic Lover”
3. The Sonics (Tacoma) – “Roll Over Beethoven”
4. The Diodes (Toronto) – “Noise”
5. No Use For A Name (San Jose) – “Justified Black Eye”
6. The Dils (Carlsbad) – “Gimme a Break”
7. Middle Class (Santa Ana) – “Out of Vogue”
8. Banshee (Edmonton) – “Lilac Tree”


9. Dead to Me (San Francisco) – “California Sun”
10. Mariachi El Bronx (Los Angeles) – “48 Roses”
11. The Undertones (Derry) – “Teenage Kicks”
12. Bouncing Souls (New Brunswick) – “Better Things”
13. The Menzingers (Philadelphia) – “Good Things”
14. Sublime (Long Beach) – “Perfect World”
15. Anatomy Cats (Edmonton) – “Shades of Grey”
16. Versions (Edmonton) – “Practical Effects”
17. Moledebater (Brandon) – “Caffeine Hyperspace”

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The History of Punk Radio Show #30

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Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 4 May, when we looked at generational continuity, politics, and Edmonton’s Dead Venues!

Dead Venues

1. Billy Bragg and Wilco (Mermaid Avenue) – “Union Prayer”
2. Kim Fowley (LA) – “Is America Dead?”
3. Hüsker Dü (Saint Paul) – “8 Miles High”
4. DOA (Vancouver) – “Communication Breakdown”
5. Ramones (NYC) – “Judy is a Punk”
6. Jr. Gone Wild (Edmonton) – “Why I Hate the 60s”
7. The James T. Kirks (Edmonton) – “StingWray”
8. Wednesday Night Heroes (Edmonton) – “Our Common Struggle”
9. Mad Bombers Society (Edmonton) – “You Can’t Dance”
10. The Frank (Blackfalds) – “What a Sight”
11. Nirvana (Seattle) – “Aneurysm” (Live at Reading)
12. The Subhumans (Vancouver) – “Death to the Sickoids”


Radio Laugh of Medusa – Alberta Election 2015

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Originally posted on Gender Equality in Sports:

A talk on Alberta Election with Lauren Wheeler and Rylan Kafara, graduated in History from University of Alberta

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The History of Punk Radio Show #29

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Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 27 April, when Professor David Mills visited the show!

“The Boomers



1. The Who (London) – “My Generation”
2. The Beatles (Liverpool) – “All My Loving”
3. The Beatles (Liverpool) – “She Loves You”
4. Chuck Berry (St. Louis) – “Roll Over Beethoven”
5. The Beatles (Liverpool) – “Roll Over Beethoven”
6. Buddy Holly (Lubbock) – “Words of Love”
7. The Beatles (Liverpool) – “Words of Love”
8. The Beatles (Liverpool) – “Got To Get You Into My Life”
9. The Stitch in Tyme (Toronto) – “Got To Get You Into My Life”
10. Spencer Davis Group (Birmingham) – “Somebody Help Me”
11. The British Modbeats (St Catharines) – “Somebody Help Me”
12. The King Beezz (Edmonton) – “Gloria”


“Transatlantic Blues”
“America meets the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show”

“You Stop Listening to New Music at 33″

“Buzzz a while with…The King Beezz”
“The Unfinished Business of the Modbeats”
“The Stitch in Tyme”
“The Beatles Were Punks”


Jon Savage, Teenage
Elijah Wild, How the Beatles Destroyed Rock ‘n’ Roll
John Blaney, Beatles for Sale
Bob Spitz, The Beatles
Marc Fisher, Something in the Air: Radio, Rock and the Revolution that Shaped a Generation


Edmonton’s Hour of the 2015 Homelessness Marathon

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The 2015 Homelessness Marathon aired across Canada on February 25 & February 26. Hosted by CRFC 101.9FM in Kingston, 14 community and campus radio stations produced 15 straight hours of programming tackling homelessness issues.

CJSR contributed Edmonton’s hour, with hosts Daniel Johnson and Rylan Kafara focusing on two major issues – the impact of gentrification in the downtown area on the inner-city community, and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Edmonton and Canada. It included interviews with the University of Alberta’s Jay Scherer, MacEwan University’s Michael B. MacDonald, as well as cultural support worker Gary Moostoos, and a number of inner-city community members.

The History of Punk Radio Show #28

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Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 20 April, when Blake from the Anatomy Cats was back on the show!

“Social Justice” 

1. Adam’s Mind (Toronto) – “Bad Guy”
2. Suicide Machines (Detroit) – “Black and White World”
3. Gorilla Biscuits (NYC) – “Degradation”
4. Reagan Youth (Queens) – “New Aryans”
5. Antillectual (Nijmegen) – “The New Jew”
6. Dead Kennedys (San Francisco) – “Kill the Poor”
7. Choke (Edmonton) – “Bent on Profits”
8. Propagandhi (Portage la Prairie) – “Refusal to be a Man”
9. War on Women (Baltimore) – “Say it”

Racism-free Edmonton report
Canada’s Racism Problem
US is an oligarchy, not a democracy
“Ending Poverty in Alberta”
“Outrageous Fortune: Documenting Canada’s Wealth Gap”
Duncan Campbell Scott: The Poet Who Oversaw Residential Schools
Canada’s Nutrition Experiments on First Nations: 1942-1952
“Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women: A National Operational Overview”

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