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The History of Punk Radio Show #22


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 23 February, when Not Enough Fest took over the show!

1. The Fakes (Montréal) – “Sabrina”
2. Cheap Wig (Montréal) – “That Witch”
3. Bikini Kill (Olympia) – “Rebel Girl”
4. Sourpatch (San Jose) – “Never Ever Ever”
5. Joyride! (San Francisco) – “In the Mirror”
6. Younger Lovers (Oakland) – “I Wanna Come Over”
7. Big Eyes (Seattle) – “You Ain’t the Only One”
8. Des Ark (Pittsboro) – “Bon Chance Asshole”
9. No Babies (Oakland) – “One Size Fits All”
10. Submission Hold (Vancouver) – “Predisposed to Oppose”
11. Morbid Opera (Fort Lauderdale) – “Liar”


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The History of Punk Radio Show #21


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 16 February!

1. The Ramones (NYC) – “Somebody to Love”
2. The Misfits (Lodi) – “American Psycho”
3. The Anatomy Cats (Edmonton) – “Shared Existence”
4. The Rebel Spell (Vancouver) – “Beautiful Future”
5. Propagandhi (Portage la Prairie) – “Albright Monument Baghdad”
6. Anti-Flag (Pittsburgh) – “Post-war Breakout”
7. Art Bergmann (Vancovuer) – “Drones of Democracy”
8. Mahria (Edmonton) – “Guilt”
9. Borscht (Edmonton) – “Tipton”
10. Vapid (Vancouver) – “Dangerous Liaisons”
11. The Sonics (Tacoma) – “Money”
12. The Hives (Fagersta) – “The Hives Introduce the Metric System in Time”
13. The Frank (Blackfalds) – “Corey Hart”
14. The Versions (Edmonton) – “Half-man”
15. X (LA) – “We’re Having Much More Fun”


2015 Homelessness Marathon



The 2015 Homelessness Marathon takes place Wednesday February 25 from 2PM MST to Thursday February 26 at 5AM MST and airs across Canada. Hosted by CRFC 101.9FM in Kingston, 14 community and campus radio stations will produce 15 straight hours of programming all tackling homelessness issues.

For all you night owls, Edmonton’s CJSR is contributing stories from 1-2AM MST. The hour focuses on two major issues – the impact of gentrification in the downtown area on the inner-city community, and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Edmonton and the rest of Canada. It will include interviews with the University of Alberta’s Jay Scherer, MacEwan University’s Michael MacDonald, as well as cultural support worker Gary Moostoos, and a number of inner-city community members.

Locally, you can tune into 88.5FM, and globally online at!


The History of Punk Radio Show #20


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 9 February!

1. The Dils (Carlsbad) – “Class War”
2. Generation X (Chelsea) – “One Hundred Punks”
3. Mission of Burma (Boston) – “This is Not a Photograph”
4. Los Saicos (Lima) – “Fugitivo de Alcatraz”
5. Death (Detroit) – “Freakin’ Out”
6. Flamin’ Groovies (San Francisco) – “Slow Death”
7. Kim Fowley (LA) – “Night of the Hunter”
8. Hüsker Dü (Saint Paul) – “Monday will never be the same”
9. Bob Mould (Saint Paul) – “Kid with Crooked Face”
10. Hüsker Dü (Saint Paul) – “Whatever”
11. DOA (Vancouver) – “A Season in Hell”
12. Fugazi (Washington DC) – “Greed”
13. The Exploited (Edinburgh) – “Dole Q”
14. The Minutemen (San Pedro) – “Untitled Song for Latin America”
15. The Rebel Spell (Vancouver) – “Fight for the Sun”
16. The Anatomy Cats (Edmonton) – “The Aftermath of Apathy”
17. Rancid (Berkeley) – “Everybody’s Suffering”
18. Tracings (Fargo) – “Shoreline”


How “Americans” Live Today


Apparently, this is a documentary from North Korea. It highlights American pastimes like snow drinking and bird eating, common occurrences in a country raked by poverty. First, it’s kind of funny, then frightening, thinking that folks in North Korea believe such propaganda.

It reminds me of the story a political science professor told me – one day North Korea gathered its top intellectuals and sent them on a airplane trip to China. They had never been out of their country before. When they arrived in China and got off the plane, they were all shocked to see the sun was high in the sky. This flabbergasted reaction was caused by none of them expecting to see daylight. Although they were the regime’s tip-top smart go-to people, even they were taught the sun only shined in North Korea.

I don’t know if it’s true that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea really has that powerful of a propaganda machine. But, it might, and this documentary could be another example. At any rate, however, the hyperbole of what daily life is like for the average citizen of the west isn’t too far off the mark from what some people go through in the United States, or Canada, or Western Europe.

Sure, most folks have it better than people unlucky enough to be born under the rule of the Kim family. But, the footage still shows the tragic flaws within our system. People sleeping under advertisements for expensive consumer items? It happens. People lining up for food handouts? That happens too. Everywhere. All the time.

And until we all band together to create the social change necessary to give the most vulnerable people in western society real equality, we shouldn’t laugh so hard at North Korea. There’s people all over the world suffering from the consequences of systemic oppression, whatever the regime or propaganda machine. Even if we know the sun shines all over, we should all help make sure the light gets in.


The History of Punk Radio Show #19


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 2 February!

1. Hooded Fang (Toronto) – “Graves”
2. The Shadows of Knight (Chicago) – “Oh Yeah”
3. The Sonics (Tacoma) – “Bad Betty”
4. Mudhoney (Seattle) – “Hate the Police”
5. The Exploited (Edinburgh) – “Son of a Copper”
6. The Dicks (Austin) – “Dead in a Motel Room”
7. Articles of Faith (Chicago) – “Bad Attitude”
8. Dropkick Murphys (Quincy) – “I’m Shipping up to Boston”
9. The Mahones (Kingston) – “Paddy on the Railway”
10. Anatomy Cats (Edmonton) – “Disaffected”
11. Borscht (Edmonton) – “What do you Mean”
12. Tracings (Fargo) – “War Room”
13. Single Mothers (London) – “Winter Coats”
14. Belladonna & the Temps (Saskatoon) – “Die Alone”
15. The Replacements (Minneapolis) – “Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out”
16. Viet Cong (Calgary) – “Bunker Buster”


The History of Punk Radio Show #18


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 26 January!

1. Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros (London) – “Johnny Appleseed”
2. The Clash (London) – “Capital Radio” (Live)
3. The Dils (Carlsbad) – “I Hate the Rich”
4. Blackfire (Flagstaff) – “Mean Things Happening in this World”
5. Billy Bragg and Wilco (Mermaid Avenue) – “Against th’ Law”
6. Woody Guthrie (Okemah) – “Dust Bowl Blues”
7. Scott Cook (Edmonton) – “The Lord Giveth (And the Landlord Taketh Away)”
8. John Prine (Maywood) – “Sam Stone”
9. Phil Ochs (El Paso) – “Talking Cuban Crisis”
10. Mike McDonald (Edmonton) – “Lying to an Activist”
11. Billy Bragg (Barking) – “A New England”
12. Hüsker Dü (Saint Paul) – “Newest Industry”
13. The Nightwatchman (LA) – “Black Spartacus Heart Attack Machine”
14. Dan Mangan (Vancouver) – “Vessels”
15. Anatomy Cats (Edmonton) – “Tear Them Down”

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