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The History of Punk Playlist #44


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 21 September!

1. No More Art (Hamburg) – “Sorrows of Youth”
2. Red Dons (Portland) – “Amman (Before the Bomb)”
3. Dezerter (Warsaw) – “Kolabraja”
4. Cheap Wig (Montreal) – “Hot Wax”
5. Moon Hag (London, Ont) – “Are You Experience”
6. Postman (Calgary) – “Treatment”
7. Novelty (Calgary) – “Novelty”
8. Rebuild/Repair (Edmonton) – “My Life as a Vice Cop”
9. Copsickle (Calgary) – “Punk Till I D.I.Y.”
10. The Pretty’s (Vancouver) – “Sown Oats”
11. Mick Futures (Sudbury) – “You Want it All”
12. No Problem (Edmonton) – “What Have I Become”
13. PMMA (Calgary) – Insecticide”
14. Tuques (Edmonton) –  “No Cops”
15. Feverfew (Edmonton) – “Summer Iscariot”
16. Billy Bragg and Wilco (Mermaid Avenue) – “Thirty Thousand”


The History of Punk Playlist #43


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 7 September!

1. Dead Kennedys (San Francisco) – “Saturday Night Holocaust”
2. Rage Against the Machine (LA) – “Bulls on Parade”
3. Misfits (Lodi) – “Mars Attacks”
4. Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros (London) – “Coma Girl”
5. The Vibrators (London) – “Baby, Baby”
6. The Only Ones (London) – “Another Girl/Another Planet”
7. D3O (Coimbra) – “I Wanna Hold You”
8. Skin Yard (Seattle) – “Hallowed Ground”
9. Babes in Toyland (Minneapolis) – “He’s My Thing”
10. U-MEN (Seattle) – “Solid Action”
11. Savages (London) – “Waiting for a Sign”
12. Solids (Montreal) – “Blame Confusion”
13. Lower (København) – “Another Life”
14. Rancid (Berkeley) – “The War’s End”


The History of Punk Playlist #42


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 31 August!

1. The Frolics (Edmonton) – “Shiver”
2. Rebuild/Repair (Edmonton) – “A Feast for Rats”
3. Anatomy Cats (Edmonton) – “Hero of Tunisia”
4. Johnny Cash (Memphis) – “Hey Porter”
5. The Ramones (NYC) – “Have you Ever Seen the Rain”
6. No Problem (Edmonton) – “Waiting for the Bomb”
7. Fire Next Time (Edmonton) – “Hounds of Belgravia”
8. Graveyard Train (Melbourne) – “Ballad for Beelzebub”
9. Lower (København) – “Daft Persuasion”
10. Solids (Montreal) – “Off White”
11. Savages (London) – “City’s Full”
12. Marty Robbins (Nashville) – “Big Iron”
13. Joy Division (Manchester) – “Shadowplay”
14. The Killers (Las Vegas) – “Sam’s Town (Abbey Road Version)”
15. Rancid (Berkeley) – “Ruby Soho”


The History of Punk Playlist #41


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 17 August, when Randall and Kelly from Rebuild/Repair visited the show!

1. Rebuild/Repair (Edmonton) – “Criminalised Confusion”
2. Thoroughbred Racing Pigeon (Edmonton) – “Traffic Jam”
3. Rhubarbs (Edmonton) – “Soundtrack”
4. EYEHATEGOD (New Orleans) – “Trying to Crack the Hard Dollar”
5. Black Thunder (Regina) – “Suck Brick Kid”
6. Down the Hatch (Edmonton) – “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School Drop Out”
7. The Mange (Edmonton) – “Sickness”
8. Royal Red Brigade (Regina) “Sickness”
9. The Frolics (Edmonton) – “Hell House”
10. Zero Cool (Edmonton) – “Hey Zeus on Heroin”
11. The Anatomy Cats (Edmonton) – “Destroy Exploit”
12. Rebuild/Repair (Edmonton) – Years to Come”


The History of Punk Playlist #40


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 10 August!

1. Feminal Fluids (Edmonton) – “Fish Styx”
2. The Anatomy Cats (Edmonton) – “Obama Nation”
3. Poor Form (Vancouver) – “Boxed In”
4. METZ (Toronto) – “The Swimmer”
5. Borscht (Edmonton) – “What do you Mean”
6. Propaghandi (Portage la Prairie) – “Devil’s Creek”
7. Bikini Kill (Olympia) – “White Boy”
8. Conduct (Winnipeg) – “A Figure”
9. Cross Dog (Peterborough) – “Vigilante”
10. Rebuild/Repair (Edmonton) – “Criminalised Confusion”
11. Black Thunder (Regina) – “Coffee & Bronuts”
12. Vapid (Vancouver) – “1983”
13. Viet Cong (Calgary) – “Static Wall”
14. Jr. Gone Wild (Edmonton) – “Cannibal Cafe”
15. Sonic Youth (NYC) – “Teenage Riot”
16. CONJURE​ (Edmonton) – “Redneck Woman”


The History of Punk Playlist #39


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 3 August! It was the shortest playlist in our history, because much of the hour was a round table (or round studio) discussion between Blake from The Anatomy Cats, Craig from Wunderbar, and Stacy and Stephanie from Not Enough Fest!

They were there to talk about issues surrounding The Casualties, especially in relation to the impact the band’s visit to Edmonton was having in the music community.

First, the extensive playlist!

1. Borscht (Edmonton) – “BFF” 
2. Banshee (Edmonton) – “A Won’t and a Why Not”

As for the discussion, what little room we had left after so much music, was efficiently utilized to discuss all kinds of important things. Our SuperPanel™ examined The Casualties, the cross-Canada boycott against them, and the impact and ensuing divisions locally. We used this example to discuss wider issues like sexual assault, creating safe spaces, and participating in music scenes. All in all, it was likely the best hour in radio history. Unfortunately, the computer crashed during the show, and the recording was lost. Sorry if you missed it! Luckily, there’s way to stay engaged with this issue.

For instance, you can:

1. Start here: “Guest Post: I Won’t Apologize for Being Assaulted”
2. Check out this Facebook page: “Boycott the Casualties”
3. Use the Google. “No Link Necessary”

In the end, most of the Canadian dates were cancelled (but not at the Vat in Red Deer, unfortunately).

It’s important to stay on top of this, however. For instance, you could, say, be walking into a punk venue in Berlin, like I was last week. Maybe it’s called SO36. And maybe once you walk in, you see this, and think “awesome!”

safe space

Then maybe you need to use the bathroom, and notice a sign walking through the door that says “trans-friendly.” Again, you think “awesome!”

But, then you see this on the wall:


The Casualties are currently on a European tour. If they’re coming to a city near you, and/or you want to speak out, check dates here.