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The History of Punk! Volume III, Side A, Track II


The History of Punk
Wednesday April 27 6:30PM
Location: Humanities 2-42, The University of Alberta
All-Ages, All-Welcome

“The History of the Edmonton Punk Scene”

Show 1.jpg
(1986 Poster courtesy of Corey Hamilton)

In this class we are stayin’ local!

Jennifer Messelink, who recently completed her MA on the Edmonton punk community, will present on her thesis: “Documenting a Punk Music Scene in Edmonton, Alberta 1979-1985: Place, Legitimacy, and Belonging Articulated Through Mainstream and Independent Media.”

Corey Hamilton, an artist who organized shows in Edmonton in the early 1990s, will discuss the scene through 21 shows he participated in starting in 1986.

Following the two amazing presentations, we’ll discuss other local issues, and brainstorm ideas for our fanzine we’ll be putting together in May’s class for Edmonton Zine Fair 5!

And if you have any ideas for readings or the playlist, comment below!

Show 13.jpeg
(1990 poster courtesy of Corey Hamilton)