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The History of Punk Radio Show #4


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 13 October!

1. Andrew W.K. (Palo Alto) – “Oh Canaduh”
2. The Evaporators (Vancouver) – “The Bomb’s in my Pants!”
3. K-Tels (Vancouver) – “Automan”
4. Pointed Sticks (Vancouver) – “The Marching Song”
5. The Dishrags (Vancouver/Victoria) – “Bullshit”
6. Exxotone (Vancouver) – “Big Shot”
7. Active Dog (Vancouver) – “Fun While it Lasts”
8. No Fun (Vancouver) – “Mindless Aggression”
9. Private School (Vancouver) – “Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio”
10. Wasted Lives (Vancouver) – “Wirehead”
11. The Modernettes (Vancouver) – “Barbra”
12. The Modernettes (Vancouver) – “Suicide Club”
13. DOA (Vancouver) – “DOA”
14. The Fartz (Seattle) – “Take a Stand Against the Klan”
15. The Subhumans (Vancouver) – “Slave to my Dick”
16. DOA (Vancouver) – “Smash the State”
17. Art Bergmann (Vancouver) – “Company Store”


The History of Punk Radio Show #3


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 6 October!


1. The Minutemen (San Pedro) – “This Ain’t No Picnic”
2. The Cramps (NYC) – “Mean Machine”
3. Minor Threat (Washington DC) – “Guilty of Being White”
4. The Germs (Los Angeles) – “Lexicon Devil”
5. Black Flag (Los Angeles) – “Nervous Breakdown”
6. MDC (Austin) – “John Wayne was a Fascist”
7. Mission of Burma (Boston) – “That’s When I Reach for my Revolver”
8. Pixies (Boston) – “Wave of Mutilation”
9. The Misfits (Lodi) – “All Hell Breaks Loose”
10. The Replacements (Minneapolis–Saint Paul) – “I Will Dare”
11. Hüsker Dü (Minneapolis–Saint Paul) – “Don’t Wanna Know if you are Lonely”
12. SNFU (Edmonton) – “She’s not on the Menu”
13. The Smalls (Edmonton) – “Two Pigs in a Gunny Sack”
14. The Dishrags (Vancouver) – “I Don’t Love You”
15. DOA (Vancouver) – “Kill, Kill, This is Pop”
16. The Subhumans (Vancouver) – “Death to the Sickoids”

Different Ways of Mending


Edmonton’s F&M just released a music video!

“And We Will Mend Our Broken Hearts,” off the upcoming album At Sunset We Sing, has it all. Inspiration from Andrei Tarkovsky‘s classic Soviet film Stalker? Check. Fancy clothes and cool haircuts? Double check! Wine? OF COURSE. And even a drone, being used for the power of good.

F&M worked with Highwire Films‘ Mike Robertson on the video, using the vivid settings to create a story with living pictures instead of acting. They also teamed up with Riley McElheran. At 14, he’s the youngest pilot in Edmonton’s Radio Control Society. Not to give away any spoilers, but Riley flies a drone for the spectacular end shot of the video. Oh, and there’s intrigue, revenge, and oh yeah, no spoilers.

Here’s the video!

Fall Fundraiser!


Scenic Route to Alaska, Cayley Thomas, & Lucas Chaisson will be performing at Yellowhead Brewery tomorrow evening, Thursday October 9th.

They’re putting on a show & slient auction in support of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CHMA). All proceeds will be going straight to mental health in Edmonton!  You, good citizen, can help in ALL KINDS of ways! Such as…

$20 cover for three great bands? STRAIGHT TO THE CMHA!

Highest bids on Incredible auction items? STRAIGHT TO THE CMHA!

$2 from every beer? STRAIGHT TO THE CMHA!

AND – if you download Scenic Route to Alaska’s new tune, “Fall” – you guess it – the proceeds go STRAIGHT TO THE CMHA! Just go right here!

Speaking of links, get your tickets here!

Raising awareness and support for mental health in Edmonton has never been easier, more fun, or more important.

Mental Health Awareness

CJSR Playlist 23


Here’s my FUNDRIVE CJSR Playlist from 29 September!


1. The Smalls (Edmonton) – “Dan-Diddle-A-Na”
2. F&M (Edmonton) – “Razzle Dazzle”
3. Scenic Route to Alaska (Edmonton) – “Fall”
4. Scenic Route to Alaska (Edmonton) – “Paris”
5. F&M (Edmonton) – “Show Me Your Light” (LIVE IN STUDIO)
6. F&M (Edmonton) – “And We Will Mend Our Broken Hearts”
7. F&M (Edmonton) – “Maybe Tomorrow” (LIVE IN STUDIO)
9. F&M (Edmonton) – “I Have Never Seen Such Darkness”
11. Mark Davis (Edmonton) – “Eliminate the Toxins”
10. Wool on Wolves (Edmonton) – “Thick as Thieves”


Thanks to everyone who stopped by the studio in support of FUNDRIVE!

Get F&M‘s new album At Sunset We Sing on 4 November!

See Scenic Route to Alaska at their fundraiser for Canadian Mental Health Week at Yellowhead Brewery on 9 October!

The History of Punk Radio Show #2


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 29 September!


1. Death (Detroit) – “Rock ‘n’ Roll Victim”
2. Talking Heads (NYC) – “Life During Wartime”
3. DOA (Vancouver) – “General Strike”
4. SNFU (Edmonton) – “This is the End”
5. Jr. Gone Wild (Edmonton) – “Slept All Afternoon”
6. The Smalls (Edmonton) – “Middle of the Road”
7. Swamp Baby (Hard Core Logo Soundtrack) – “Edmonton Block Heater”
8. Master Splinter (Edmonton) – “Nuketona 500”
9. Rocket from the Tombs (Cleveland) – “Search and Destroy” (LIVE)