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The History of Punk Playlist #54: A Tribute to Professor Lawrence Aronsen!


“Larry thought teaching people to think was the highest avocation you could have.”


This is a tribute to Professor Lawrence Aronsen, a wonderful friend and mentor (there’d be no radio show without him). He picked the playlist for the show, and listened to it air on CJSR from Vancouver with his wife, Elizabeth. Larry’s pals David Mills and John Thompson helped spin his songs, and talked about his life and the impact he’s had on generations of students. Great (non-punk) music, stories, and other special guests David Marples, John Harris, Jeremy Rossiter, and Thomas Reikie.

The show originally aired on CJSR from 10-11:30AM MST on Monday 30 November 2015. Here it is:

And here’s the playlist!

1. Anne Feenay (Pittsburgh) – “The Internationale”
2. The Rolling Stones (London) – “Street Fightin’ Man”
3. Elvis Presley (Memphis) – “Jailhouse Rock”
4. Johnny Cash (Dyess) – “I Walk the Line”
5. Booker T. & the M.G.’s (Memphis) – “Green Onions”
6. The Beach Boys (Hawthorne) – “Surfin’ USA”
7. The Beatles (Liverpool) – “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”
8. The Beatles (Liverpo0l) – “Come Together”
9. The Beatles (Liverpool) – “Yesterday”
10. Sam and Dave (Miami) – “Soul Man”
11.  Otis Redding (Macon) – “(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay”
12. Marvin Gaye (DC) – “I Heard it Through the Grapevine”
13. Ray Charles (Greenville) – “Hit the Road Jack”
14. The Beatles (London) – “Revolution #1”


The History of Punk Playlist #53: SAFQEY!



On 22 November 2015, a benefit show for SAFQEY was held at the Buckingham. Called Homeless Not Hopeless, the gig had a great line-up & raised $1500.

At the show, The History of Punk’s Brittany Rudyck interviewed Joel Frost, a local promoter who organized the show. Brittany also chatted with Sam Leibel, SAFQEY’s president.

On CJSR we played the 2 interviews, as well as bands that played the benefit. In addition, the show started with 3 songs from Labour, a new Edmonton trio that had its first show at Not Enough Fest in February.

Learn more & support SAFQEY here:

The show originally aired on CJSR from 10-11AM MST on Monday 23 November 2015. Here it is:

And here’s the playlist!

1. Labour (Edmonton) – “He’s Nice”
2. Labour (Edmonton) – “I Know U Know”
3. Labour (Edmonton) – “Warning”
4. Interview – Joel Frost
5. Failgiver (Edmonton) – “Failure”
6. Interview – Sam Leibel
7. Feminal Fluids (Edmonton) – “Let Me Smell Your Dick”
8. Banshee (Edmonton) – “Squander Life”
9. Weird Year (Edmonton) – “Two”
10. Wares (Edmonton) – “Barely Knew Her”
11. Teeth(?) (Edmonton) – “Function”
12. Disabler (Edmonton) – “Bitter & Resentful”
13. Against Me! (Gainesville) – “True Trans Soul Rebel”


The History of Punk Playlist #52 & Craig Martell Interview!


“The ethics that come from punk rock are so worthwhile”

Edmonton’s Wunderbar held its last show on Halloween, 2015. A few weeks later, the venue’s owner Craig Martell joined the History of Punk to chat about local music, venues, sustainability, and the ethics of punk rock.

Blake Racket from the Anatomy Cats led the interview with Craig, while Brittany Rudyck picked some tunes and I tried to run the board.

The show originally aired on CJSR from 10-11AM MST on Monday 16 November 2015. Here it is:

And here’s the playlist!

1. Betrayers (Edmonton) – “Love Rat”
2. Hooded Fang (Toronto) – “Clap”
3. Gender Poutine (Edmonton) – “Mourning”
4. B.A. Johnston (Hamilton) – “Hobo 4 Life”
5. Spazz (Redwood City) – “Gary’s Free Time (There’s Lots Of It)”


The History of Punk Playlist #51


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 9 November, when Corey Hamilton came on the show to talk about his new book, I’m NOT with the band. We chatted about the book, his participation in the Edmonton punk community, and the big release show happening Friday 13 November at DV8!

1. The Versions (Edmonton) – “Take 5, Brain”
2. Dream Whip (Calgary) – “Beach Dreams”
3. Ultra Gash (Calgary) – “Substitute (In My Tomb)”
4. SNFU (Edmonton) – “Misfortune”
5. Jr. Gone Wild (Edmonton) – “Fine Scotch”
6. The Evaporators (Vancouver) – “Where is the Butterknife?”
7. Ben Disaster (Edmonton) – “(Let’s) Make Plans for the Weekend”
8. No Problem (Edmonton) – “Eyes of ISIS”
9. Vibes (Edmonton) – “Another Way”
10. Abuse of Substance (Edmonton) – “Out After Dark”
11. PMMA (Calgary) – “Draw the Line”


The History of Punk Playlist #50


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 2 November! The show celebrated its first half-century by interviewing Mike and Dove from Jr. Gone Wild! You can support the film being made about the band here!

As for the playlist:

  1. The Deep Dark Woods (Saskatoon) – “Charlie’s (Is Coming Down)”
  2. Jr. Gone Wild Interview
  3. Jr. Gone Wild (Edmonton) – “It Never Changes”
  4. Still Life (Edmonton?) – “Safe as a Hospital”
  5. Mike McDonald (Edmonton) – “Where the Hell are You?”

AT April 1986 pp. 18-19

AT June 1990 p. 1

AT 100 September 1990

The History of Punk Playlist #48


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 19 October, aka ELECTION DAY!

1. Choir and Marching Band (Edmonton) – “Bachelor”
2. Shout Out Out Out Out (Edmonton) – “Never the Same Way Twice”
3. Sir Ma’am Ma’am (Edmonton) – “Papermate”
4. The Anatomy Cats (Edmonton) – “Ashes on the Floor”
5. The Offspring (Huntington Beach) – “Jennifer Lost the War”
6. Pigeon Breeders (Edmonton) – “Jungian Swells”
7. Basia Bulat (Etobicoke) – “Where have all the Rude Boys Gone?”
8. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists (DC) – “Mourning in America”
9. Blü Shorts (Calgary) – “Yeti”
10. The Frolics (Edmonton) – “The Frolic Room”
11. The Cramps (Sacramento) – “Fever”
12. Power Buddies (Edmonton) – “Pouncy Peter”
13. Billy Bragg (Barking) – “Waiting for the Great Leap Forward”
14. Pearl Jam (Seattle) – “Brain of J”
15. The Exploited (Edinburgh) – “I Believe in Anarchy”
16. NOFX (LA) – “Murder the Government”
17. Andrew W.K. (Palo Alto) – “Oh Canaduh”
18. Fugazi (DC) – “Repeater”
19. Dead Kennedys (San Francisco) – “Kill the Poor (Live)
20. Death (Detroit) – “Politicians in My Eyes”
21. The Minutemen (San Pedro) – “This Ain’t No Picnic”
22. The Clash (London) – “Know Your Rights”


The History of Punk Radio Show #47


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 12 October!

  1. Hey Rosetta & Yukon Blonde (CANADA) – “Land You Love
  2. Tropic Harbour (Edmonton) – “Golden Rays”
  3. Joe Keithley Interview
  4. DOA (Vancouver) – “I Live in a Car”
  5. VIBES (Edmonton) – “Plus Signs”
  6. Arrabio (Trinidad, Cuba) – “Arrabio”
  7. Adictox (Santa Clara, Cuba) – “Diversiones”
  8. Johnson from Accounting (Edmonton) – “Macho Bullshit”
  9. Edronet (Edmonton) – “B YR DAWG”

    Solidarity with Survivors


    Solidarity with Survivors

    Johnson from Accounting!