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The History of Punk Show 91: You’re not Hardcore unless you live Hardcore!


The History of Punk Show 91 traced the history of hardcore punk, looking at its origins, characteristics, and ongoing legacy.

The show aired on CJSR 88.5FM in Edmonton on 15 August 2016.

Here’s the playlist!

  1. Slapshot (Boston) – “Ole Tyme Hardcore”
  2. Minor Threat (DC) – “Guilty of Being White”
  3. Jodie Foster’s Army (Phoenix) – “Jodie Foster’s Army”
  4. Cro-Mags (NYC) – “Hard Times”
  5. Circle Jerks (Hermosa Beach) – “Question Authority”
  6. Hüsker Dü  (Saint Paul) – “The Girl who Lives on Heaven Hill”
  7. Sham 69 (Hersham) – “Who Gives a Damn”
  8. The Germs (LA) – “American Leather”
  9. The Middle Class (Santa Ana) – “Out of Vogue”
  10. The Fartz (Seattle) – “You Got a Brain (Use it)”
  11. Bad Brains (DC) – “Sailin’ On”
  12. DOA (Vancouver) – “Slumlord”
  13. Black Flag (Hermosa Beach) – “Damaged”
  14. TSOL (Long Beach) – “Abolish Government/Silent Majority”
  15. MDC (Austin) – “I Remember”
  16. Vibes (Edmonton) – “Unafraid to Believe”
  17. I Hate Sex (Edmonton) – “Sleep Paralysis”

The Middle Class Out Of Vogue.jpg

And here’s the show!

The History of Punk Show 64: Mean things Happenin’


On the History of Punk Show #64, Dr. Daniel Johnson picked the tunes and discussed SARS, media, Treaty 6, colonization, US politics, and, of course, how folk = punk.

Show 64 originally aired on CJSR 88.5 on 8 February 2016.

Here’s the playlist!

  1. Propagandhi (Portage la Prairie) – “Note to Self”
  2. Blackfire (Flagstaff) – “Mean things Happenin'”
  3. Bruce Springsteen (Long Branch) – “John Henry”
  4. Chris Brown and Kate Fenner (Toronto) – “Oklahoma Tape Deck”
  5. Gil Scott-Heron (the Bronx) – “New York is Killing Me”
  6. Gil Scott-Heron (the Bronx) – “Winter in America”
  7. Odetta (LA) – “Easy Rider”
  8. Kris Demeanour (Calgary)  – “One Show”
  9. Hurray for the Riff Raff (New Orleans) – “Everybody Knows”


And here’s show #64!

The History of Punk Playlist #46


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 5 October!

The guys from Snake Legs and Old Towns co-hosted and we talked about the bands’ upcoming Blackout West Tour, the awesomeness that is the Edmonton punk scene, the unawesomeness that is displacement of the homeless in downtown Edmonton, protest music, and the upcoming Solidarity with Survivors: A Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton Fundraiser.

1.  The Clash (London) – “I’m Not Down”
2. Old Towns (Edmonton) – “Freight Train Blues”
3. Snake Legs (Edmonton) – “Desperate Times”
4. Fire Next Time (Edmonton) – “Chorus of Crows”
5. Audio/Rocketry (Edmonton) – “Hey Dynasty, Don’t Forget”
6. No Use For A Name (San Jose) – “Justified Black Eye”
7. Anatomy Cats (Edmonton) – “Shared Existence”
8. Johnson From Accounting (Edmonton) – “I Wanna Skate”
9. Youth Brigade (LA) – “One in Five”
10. Blue Rodeo  (Toronto) – “Stealin’ All My Dreams”


The History of Punk Radio Show #20


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 9 February!

1. The Dils (Carlsbad) – “Class War”
2. Generation X (Chelsea) – “One Hundred Punks”
3. Mission of Burma (Boston) – “This is Not a Photograph”
4. Los Saicos (Lima) – “Fugitivo de Alcatraz”
5. Death (Detroit) – “Freakin’ Out”
6. Flamin’ Groovies (San Francisco) – “Slow Death”
7. Kim Fowley (LA) – “Night of the Hunter”
8. Hüsker Dü (Saint Paul) – “Monday will never be the same”
9. Bob Mould (Saint Paul) – “Kid with Crooked Face”
10. Hüsker Dü (Saint Paul) – “Whatever”
11. DOA (Vancouver) – “A Season in Hell”
12. Fugazi (Washington DC) – “Greed”
13. The Exploited (Edinburgh) – “Dole Q”
14. The Minutemen (San Pedro) – “Untitled Song for Latin America”
15. The Rebel Spell (Vancouver) – “Fight for the Sun”
16. The Anatomy Cats (Edmonton) – “The Aftermath of Apathy”
17. Rancid (Berkeley) – “Everybody’s Suffering”
18. Tracings (Fargo) – “Shoreline”


The History of Punk Radio Show #18


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 26 January!

1. Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros (London) – “Johnny Appleseed”
2. The Clash (London) – “Capital Radio” (Live)
3. The Dils (Carlsbad) – “I Hate the Rich”
4. Blackfire (Flagstaff) – “Mean Things Happening in this World”
5. Billy Bragg and Wilco (Mermaid Avenue) – “Against th’ Law”
6. Woody Guthrie (Okemah) – “Dust Bowl Blues”
7. Scott Cook (Edmonton) – “The Lord Giveth (And the Landlord Taketh Away)”
8. John Prine (Maywood) – “Sam Stone”
9. Phil Ochs (El Paso) – “Talking Cuban Crisis”
10. Mike McDonald (Edmonton) – “Lying to an Activist”
11. Billy Bragg (Barking) – “A New England”
12. Hüsker Dü (Saint Paul) – “Newest Industry”
13. The Nightwatchman (LA) – “Black Spartacus Heart Attack Machine”
14. Dan Mangan (Vancouver) – “Vessels”
15. Anatomy Cats (Edmonton) – “Tear Them Down”

kills time

The History of Punk Radio Show #5


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 20 October!

1. Nomeansno (Victoria) – “Oh Canaduh”
2. Rude Norton (Vancouver) – “Sea Cruise”
3. The Shades (Vancouver) – “New Clientele”
4. Tim Ray and the Druts (Vancouver) – “Dying in Brooklyn”
5. Tim Ray and A.V. (Vancouver) – “Quarter to Eight”
6. Active Dog (Vancouver) – “Nothing Holding You”
7. Exxotone (Vancouver) – “Sideways”
8. The Modernettes (Vancouver) – “Rebel Kind”
9. The Modernettes (Vancouver) – “I can only give you Everything”
10. The Subhumans (Vancouver) – “The Scheme”
11. The Subhumans (Vancouver) – “Urban Guerillas”
12. DOA (Vancouver) – “Trial by Media”
13. Dead Kennedys (San Francisco) – “Kill the Poor” (live)
14. SNFU (Edmonton) – “Money Matters”
15. Systematik (Vancouver) – “Regrets”


The History of Punk, Class #17


The Edmonton Free School
Monday December 9th 7:00PM
Location: Humanities Centre 1-14, The University of Alberta
All-Ages & All-Welcome

“Let’s find a new way to smash a guitar” Part II

van punk crowd

Last class we examined the relationship between punk and protest.

In this class, we will expand the discussion, with class participants presenting on ideas brought up in the last seminar.

We will also watch the documentary film Bloodied But Unbowed on the Vancouver punk scene.

Punk and Protest: Laws, Counterculture, Action!
Punk and Protest: Laws, Counterculture, Action! Part II
Punk and Protest: Laws, Counterculture, Action! Part III
Mashup generation: Why parents and kids are spinning a common playlist

The Skulls move to Toronto
K-Tels – “Where Are You”
The Stiffs – “Fuck You”
Dishrags – “I Don’t Love You” live 1979
The Subhumans – Incorrect Thoughts
The Subhumans – “Firing Squad”

DOA – “Trial by Media”
Art Bergmann – Beatles In Hollywood
DOA – “30th Anniversary Documentary”
Bloodied But Unbowed: Early Vancouver Punk