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Shameless Promotion for Edmonton’s Common Ground Arts Society


This past Friday 9th April I found myself in a part of town far, far away from the University of Alberta (aka across the river and OVER TWO STOPS on the LRT). I was on an intrepid expedition to find the Avenue Theatre, where the second edition of the “Edmonton Show” was being held that evening.  Battling the elements, hunger, and a rapidly dying ipod, I made it to the theatre and found what Bono must have surely been looking for the entire time.


I’m just selling albums, I’m not selling out


“I used to like that band, but then they totally sold out.”

Everybody has heard someone say this (less than) insightful statement, I’m sure I’ve said it at least 100 times myself.  When somebody says this the are usually attempt to make at least one of these points clear:

1) They are super rad and liked that band before you’d heard of them and
2) Now that the band is popular, they have no street cred and their music and message isn’t worth anything. The band just didn’t abide by the principles that the person speaking attests to.

Well, the truth is – people that say this are pretentious, yes, but they are also idiots (in my case, I’m just a more self-aware idiot).. AND they have mostly no understanding of the band or the type of music that they are speaking about. Mostly.