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Duo Luau Fundraiser!


Heart of the City Fundraiser CHA ISLAND

The History of Punk, Class #20


The History of Punk
Monday 24 February 7:30PM
Location: Humanities Centre 1-14, The University of Alberta
All-Ages & All-Welcome



In this class we’ll be watching the documentary Punk: Attitude. The film surveys the history of punk, especially the relationship between the United States and England.

Afterwards, we will discuss the transmission of punk back and forth across the Atlantic, the formation of bands and music communities, and the lasting impact of the movement. We will also look at punk’s relationship with other subcultures, such as hip-hop.

“Punk’s Passionate Heart”
“Where did Punk Start? Who Cares?”

Clash in NYC

CJSR Homelessness Marathon




CJSR Playlist 3


Here’s my third playlist on CJSR, from Monday 17 February!

Hooded Fang – “ESP”
The Sonics – “Have Love, Will Travel”
Wool on Wolves – “One Second”
Scenic Route to Alaska – “Waking up my Heart”
Colleen Brown – “Mountain Man”
F&M – “Raskolnikov”
Kino – “Zvezda Po Imeni Solntse / A Star Called Sun”
Kimberley MacGregor – “Doin’ my Best”
The Skips – “Souvenirs”
Gunner & Smith – “He Once was a Good Man”
Powderfinger – “Sunsets” (acoustic)
The Saints – “I’m Stranded”
Dany Michel – “Sad & Beautiful World”

Space Moose CJSR

CJSR Playlist 2


Here’s my second playlist on CJSR, from Friday 14 February!

Hooded Fang – “Tosta Mista”
Wool on Wolves – “Ain’t Seen Mississippi”
F&M – “Fame”
Tyler Butler – “Plover”
Audio/Rocketry – “Hey Dynasty, Don’t Forget..”
SNFU – “Drunk on a Bike”
Jr. Gone Wild – “Where the Hell are You?”
Minstrels on Speed – “Jacking Deer”
The Smalls – “Middle of the Road”
The Gits – “Second Skin”
Library Voices – “Haunt this House”
The Slates – “The Most Forgotten French Boy” (Dogs Cover)
Ben Disaster – “One Fist Pounding Against the Stage”
The Stranglers – “European Female”
Television – “Little Johnny Jewel Parts 1 & 2”
Procol Harum (with the ESO) – “Conquistador”
Scott Cook – “Song for a Pilgrim”
Black Flag – “Get Out of my Way”
The Manticores – “How Zelda Feels”
The Young Canadians – “Hawaii”
The Avengers – “American in Me”
De La Soul – “Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)
Arcade Fire – “Intervention”


Dr. Hook: 1. Drake: 0.


Recently, the former Degrassi: The Next Generation actor turned rapper Drake decided to vent on Twitter. And with over 14 MILLION FOLLOWERS, whatever he has a problem with is going to get noticed. Now, did he take to social media to point out the dangers of climate change, poverty, or war? Did he bring up something all his YOLO followers could relate to? Was it an issue that could unite all humanity?!

Well, no. He was mad he didn’t get on the cover of Rolling Stone. EVEN THOUGH he was supposed to. But then an actor died and he was relegated to just being the feature interview in a magazine read by millions of people, some of whom don’t even follow him on Twitter yet. For most, such a slight is unimaginable, but then again most folks didn’t have a friend whose dad happened to be an agent and could get them on a television show at age 15. Being upset that the media, which created his success, could limit his rise to the top in any way must be a real blow to the ego. It’s like missing an easy slam dunk!

Or…is that why he was angry? Could it actually be for the following two reasons?

1. When Joey Ramone passed away, Rolling Stone kept Destiny’s Child on the cover. 

Destiny Stone

2. When Joe Strummer passed away, Rolling Stone kept Justin Timberlake on the cover.    

Timberlake Stone

Obviously Drake was aware of this. And when you look at it that way, it’s gotta hurt!