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24 September 1991 – the Release of Nevermind


19 years ago today, a little album called Nevermind was released in the United States by a band called Nirvana.  Very very VERY quickly,  the album soared up the Billboard record charts and knocked Michael Jackson’s Thriller out of #1 position.

It was the watershed moment where punk hit the mainstream. The products of an underground network of musicians, venues, record labels and fans that had been building throughout the 1980s was suddenly moved from the periphery to the forefront of American culture. And the rest, as they say, is history (and an important part of my MA thesis, which I’ll get around to writing one of these days).

What Krist Novoselic Has Been Doing Since Attaining Nirvana


Most people know what Dave Grohl has been up to since his days in Nirvana.

Kirst Novoselic, on the other hand, has stayed out of the public limelight (at least compared to Grohl) – BUT he’s still been a very busy bass player.  He’s played in bands like Sweet 75, Eyes Adrift and Flipper. And he’s also been very active in political…activism.