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A Review of The Past is Unwritten!


The Past is Unwritten was given a very kind review by Dr. Paula Guerra, the founder of Portugal’s Punk Archive, Keep it Simple, Make it Fast, or KISMIF.

The review is published online in OpenEdition‘s Revisita Critica de Ciências Sociais. 

Read it here: “Título da página eletrónica: The Past is Unwritten”Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 8.25.21 PM.png

The History of Punk Playlist #38


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 27 July! Following a trip to Porto for for the KISMIF Conference, I thought a bit of punk from Portugal was in order!

1. D3o (Coimbra) – “Go!”
2. D3o (Coimbra) – “Junior Daddy”
3. Mata-Ratos (Oeiras, Lisbon) – “Rock Radioactivo”
4. Mata-Ratos (Oeiras, Lisbon) – “Outra Rodada”
5. CRISE TOTAL (Algueirao & Portela, Lisbon) – “Manifesto”
6. CRISE TOTAL (Algueirao & Portela, Lisbon) – “Policia de Intervencao”
7. Ku de Judas (Lisbon) – “Agora en sei”
8. Peste & Sida (Lisbon) – “Sol Da Caparica”
9. Censurados (Lisbon) – “Coxa”
10. Censurados (Lisbon) – “Animals”
11. Tara Perdida (Lisbon) – “Grossa”
12. X-acto (Lisbon) – “Anchor”
13. The Isotopes (Vancouver) – “Night Bus Home to You”
14. The Muddy Hack (Peterborough) – “Bleeding”
15. Buffy Sainte-Marie (Qu’Appelle Valley) – “Starwalker”

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Ku de Judas