The History of Punk Playlist #38

Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 27 July! Following a trip to Porto for for the KISMIF Conference, I thought a bit of punk from Portugal was in order!

1. D3o (Coimbra) – “Go!”
2. D3o (Coimbra) – “Junior Daddy”
3. Mata-Ratos (Oeiras, Lisbon) – “Rock Radioactivo”
4. Mata-Ratos (Oeiras, Lisbon) – “Outra Rodada”
5. CRISE TOTAL (Algueirao & Portela, Lisbon) – “Manifesto”
6. CRISE TOTAL (Algueirao & Portela, Lisbon) – “Policia de Intervencao”
7. Ku de Judas (Lisbon) – “Agora en sei”
8. Peste & Sida (Lisbon) – “Sol Da Caparica”
9. Censurados (Lisbon) – “Coxa”
10. Censurados (Lisbon) – “Animals”
11. Tara Perdida (Lisbon) – “Grossa”
12. X-acto (Lisbon) – “Anchor”
13. The Isotopes (Vancouver) – “Night Bus Home to You”
14. The Muddy Hack (Peterborough) – “Bleeding”
15. Buffy Sainte-Marie (Qu’Appelle Valley) – “Starwalker”

Check out more punk here:



Ku de Judas




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