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CJSR Playlist 9


Here’s my ninth playlist on CJSR, from Monday 26 May!

1. Cat Empire (Melbourne) – “Sly”
2. The Secretaries (Edmonton) – “Hey Girl”
3. Wool on Wolves (Edmonton) – “Cocaine and Bellows”
4. Wool on Wolves (Edmonton) – “A’int Seen Mississippi”
5. Tera (Perth) – “Ready or Not”
6. The Liberators (Edmonton) – “Electrifyin'”
7. Brothers Grim (Edmonton) – “Love Thy Brother”
8. Bombproof the Horses (Edmonton) – “Springtime in my Hometown”
9. Locution Revolution (Edmonton) – “Do you Mind”
10. Kimberley MacGregor (Edmonton) – “True”
11. Tragically Hip (Kingston) – “50 Mission Cap”
12. Scenic Route to Alaska (Edmonton) – “Paris”

Acts in blue are performing at Hip Hop in the Park and/or Dark.

Acts in green are performing at Heart of the City Music Festival.

Acts in red are performing at the Scenic Route to Alaska album release!

CJSR Playlist 8


Here’s my eighth playlist on CJSR, from Monday 19 May!

1. Joy Division (Manchester) – “Shadowplay”
2. Bloc Party (London) – “A Song For Clay (Disappear Here)”
3. Bloc Party (London) – “Banquet”
4. Cat Empire (Melbourne) – “Hello”
5. Def-in-it (Edmonton) – “Plastic Trees”
6. Collective Conscience (Edmonton) – “Struggles”
7. Bombproof the Horses (Edmonton) – “Beyond Me”
8. David Shepherd (Edmonton) – “Leaving”
9. Rellik (Edmonton) – “Idle No More”
10. Locution Revolution (Edmonton) – “Souljah Girl”
11. Graham Parker and the Rumor (London) – “Discovering Japan”
12. The Secretaries (Edmonton) – “The Way I Feel”

Acts in blue are performing at Hip Hop in the Park on May 31st.


Acts in green are performing at Heart of the City Festival on June 7th & 8th.

Heart of the City
Acts in red are performing at both!