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Warm-up Music for Edmonton


Way back last year, on December 23rd, local Edmonton music venue On the Rocks held the 3rd Annual “Edmonton Musicians team up to help The Bissell Centre.”

It was a resounding success.

As organizer Nathan Richard relates, “it was our best event for the Bissell to date.” They had 350-400 people through the door that night, and with all “the donations, cover charge and turkey dinner,” Richards says, “we were able to donate $3500.”

Not only that, but On the Rocks and awesome folks from the local music community helped out with the #WARMINGYEG campaign. United Cycle and the Bissell Centre have set a goal to provide 800 hoodies for people in need of suitable clothing for our, you know, “special” Edmonton winter weather. At the fundraiser alone, at least 100 hoodies (9 full bags) were donated, as were a whole heap of scarves and toques.

If you didn’t make it out on D23 to see bands like the Collective West (while you battled a pre-Christmas turkey coma), DON’T WORRY. Hopefully there will be another at the end of 2013. In the meantime, you can help keep people warm by heading over here, and donating to the campaign.