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The History of Punk Playlist 57: Winter Solstice Local Show!


The Winter Solstice was a very special one in 2015, with Brittany Rudyck and guest host Cassia Hardy (Wares, Power Buddies) playing some of the best local songs of the year!


Show 57 of the History of Punk originally aired on CJSR 88.5FM from 10-11AM MST on Monday 21 December 2015.

Here’s the playlist:

  1. Faith Healer (Edmonton) – “Infinite Return”
  2. Blu Shorts (Calgary) – “TV Avenue”
  3. I Hate Sex (Edmonton) – “January 24th”
  4. Birdstriking (Beijing) – “TV at 7PM”
  5. Hagface (Calgary) – “The Big Thaw”
  6. Jom Comyn (Edmonton) – “Stay Inside”
  7. Marlaena Moore (Edmonton) – “Sidekick (Live at the Wunderbar)”
  8. Diamond Mind (Edmonton) – “This Street Goes Straight Forever”
  9. Johnny de Courcy (New Westminister) –  “Creepside”
  10. PMMA (Calgary) – “Losing Touch”
  11. Fist City (Lethbridge) – “Let’s Rip”
  12. Counterfeit Jeans (Edmonton) – “Filthy”

…and here’s the show!