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The History of Punk Radio Show #27


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 13 April!

horseshoe tones

1. Wild Youth (Durban) – “Wot Bout Me”
2. The Viletones (Toronto) – “Rebel”
3. The Demics (London/Toronto) – “New York City”
4. The Diodes (Toronto) – “Teenage Nation”
5. Teenage Head (Hamilton/Toronto) – “Ain’t got no Sense”
6. The Subhumans (Vancouver) – “Slave to my Dick”
7. Hooded Fang (Toronto) – “Clap”
8. Fake Palms (Toronto) – “Sun Drips”
9. Mimico (Toronto) – “Man from Japan”
10. LIDS (Toronto) – “Sarsfest”
11. The Flatliners (Toronto) – “Count your Bruises”
12. Our Mercury (Edmonton) – “Shawna Don’t Wanna”
13. Abandin All Hope (Edmonton) – “Elephant”



North by Edmonton


Everybody is rushing to Toronto’s North by Northeast Festivals and Conference this week. Almost 800 bands are performing at all the great venues around the CN Tower. Sure, there will be lots of  musicians from the GTA, but there’s also talented folks from all over the world hitting the stages. Edmonton is no exception. Here’s a preview of the 4 acts headed out east from the North by Northwest.

Hurry! We’re on in 5 minutes!


Under the Hooded Fang


Ok so, it’s Wednesday today.
Which means, if you can follow my logic – yesterday was Tuesday.

But it wasn’t just any old Album Release Tuesday Day. Hooded Fang, from Toronto – put out their new record. In spite of the impending fame and glory that’s surely coming their way, Lane Halley took the time to sit down with me in Internetland to answer some questions about the band, the album, and Billy Bob Thornton.


Punk and Protest: Laws, Counterculture, Action!


“Bomb explosion rocks cruise missile factory.”

This was the headline on the front page of The Toronto Star, way back on Friday 15 October 1982. Above the headline were the words “Canada’s first terrorist attack, Etobicoke mayor says.” It isn’t that surprising the mayor would assume the first terrorist attack in Toronto must then also be the first in all of Canada, but it wasn’t even the first attack in 1982. Nor would it be the last.*