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The History of Punk Radio Show #35


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 8 June! David Gault made a playlist all about garage rock!

“Garage Rock Part II” 

1. The Clash (London) – “I Fought the Law”
2. Them (Belfast) – “If you and I could be as Two”
3. The Kinks (London) – “All Day and All of the Night”
4. The Strange Boys (Austin) – “Be Brave”
5. Iggy Pop (Detroit) – “Lust for Life”
6. The Black Lips (Atlanta) – “Bad Kids”
7. The Hives (Fagersta) – “The Hives Declare Guerre Nucleaire”
8. The Sonics (Tacoma) – “Money”
9. Detroit Cobras (Detroit) – “Leave my Kitten Alone”
10. The White Stripes (Detroit) – “Fell in Love with a Girl”
11. The Only Ones (London) – “Another Girls Another Planet”
12. The Strokes (NYC) – “Someday”
13. The Clash (London) – “Brand New Cadillac”
14. The Libertines (London) – “Time for Heroes”
15. Iggy Pop (Detroit) – “The Passenger”