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Now before we do this, let’s go over the ground rules


Here’s a couple articles on the blowback from officials sticking up for General McChrystal and his staff over this whole Rolling Stone article thing. The officials attest that Michael Hastings broke the ground rules and there was touching of the hair and face throughout his piece the Runaway General.  Why they didn’t raise these protests immediately is an important question, but maybe it’s because they were out for a lobster dinner or busy fighting a war or something.


Forced Exposure


Here’s a link to an opinion article written by David Brooks called “the Culture of Exposure.”


telling secrets to the one [magazine] you don’t tell secrets to


Apparently General Stanley A. McChrystal has never seen Almost Famous. If he had, he would know that journalists are the enemy. But since he hasn’t, he is on his way to Washington from Kabul to personally explain to Obama why an article in a recent issue of Rolling Stone has him and his staff  deriding “the national security team with locker-room bravado.”

Some of the articles “highlights” are: