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Pull Yourself Up and Go Out Again!


In case you didn’t notice, the so-called “Super Committee” that’s supposedly “trying” to sort out the deficit problems in the United States could sure use some help.

the...not so super committee

So it’s really too bad they don’t have the Edmonton music community on their side. As shown during the last week, they actually get things done. Recently it came to light that the Wunderbar Hofbrauhaus is in danger of closing down. So local musicians, record labels, writers, and people that are skilled in the art of alcohol consumption rushed to the venue’s aid. After some great fundraising, the threat of the Wunderbar having to shut down has lessened, but they’re not out of the woods yet…it’s always good to have something stored up for winter anyways.

Luckily, that means unlike the super committee (which would just throw in the towel), the music community isn’t letting up. This Wednesday night, the Wunderbar is having a Folkraiser. F&M, Tyler Butler, Jim “Nowhere” RalnykTroy Snaterse and Huckleberry are all playing.

Show starts at 8, so get there early and have one of them fancy beers they got.

Cover is by donation.