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The History of Punk, Class #22


The History of Punk
Monday 24 March 7:30PM
Location: Humanities Centre 1-14, The University of Alberta
All-Ages & All-Welcome


Idle No More

It’s generally agreed that punk started in reaction to mainstream music and politics. Looking back on early rock ‘n’ roll with nostalgia, participants in the punk community set out to create their own cultural forms instead of consuming what was put in front of them. Disregarding what they were supposed to like put punks at odds with cultural, economic, and political institutions.

Of course, punks weren’t the first (or last) to do this. Understanding the tenets of punk, however is useful because it opens up a new way of learning, and examining a range of issues, movements, and cultures.

In this class, we will be taking a punk pedagogical approach to studying Canada’s treatment of indigenous people during and after the country’s Indian Residential School System was in operation for 116 years (1880-1996). Following Prime Minister Harper’s apology for Residential Schools in 2008,  the inter-generational impact of the residential school system was brought into the public consciousness. With the onset of the Idle No More movement, the anger at the residential school system moved to resistance – and to a resurgence of aboriginal culture.

This class is timely, because it is happening on the eve of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s (TRC) Alberta National Event in Edmonton. Running from March 27th to the 30th, it is the seventh and final national event.

“Duncan Campbell Scott: The Poet Who Oversaw Residential Schools”
“Hungry aboriginal people used in bureaucrats’ experiments”
“White Skin Didn’t Save Loretta Saunders From Colonial Violence”
“Fire Safety is Out of Bounds in First Nations”
“Idle No More protesters block QEII Highway”
“Historic Apology for Aborigines”
“John Howard restates opposition to indigenous apology”
“Ottawa forced to turn over reports of electric chair use at residential school ”

Midnight Oil – “Beds are Burning”
Midnight Oil – “Blue Sky Mine” 
Alexisonfire – “Dead Heart”
Neil Young – “Pocahontas” (live 2014)
Rellik – “Idle No More (feat. Nathan Cunningham)”
Blackfire – “Downfall” 
Blackfire – “Is this Justice”
Propagandi  – ”Oka Everywhere”