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Edmonton’s Contribution to 2017 Homelessness Marathon


Every year, stations in communities across Canada share local homelessness issues for the rest of the country to hear. Edmonton’s CJSR 88.5FM broadcast the entire marathon over February 22rd and 23th 2017 from 4PM-5:30AM, with our local stories running from 6-8PM MST.

This year, Edmonton’s stories include interviews with Colin Mulholland and Les Danyluk, who talk about homelessness, education, and activism.

Homeward Trust’s Cindi Cunningham discusses the 2016 point in time Homeless Count.

The three other interviews focus on different communities in Edmonton. Kristy Lee talks about creating grassroots recreation and wellness activities for families in Central McDougall. Focusing on the McCauley community, Paula E. Kirman speaks about her new short film McCauley: A Caring Community examining affordable housing in Edmonton. Jan and Harry Kuperus, longtime residents of the Highlands, discuss the formation, goals, and accomplishments of the Highlands Homelessness Committee, also known as YIMBY (Yes In My Back Yard).

Thanks to all the volunteers who worked on Edmonton’s contribution to the 15th NCRA Homelessness Marathon, including Joe Hartfeil, Chris Chang-Yen Phillips, Maigan van der Giessen, and Rylan Kafara.