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5 Facts from Harper’s Canada


Happy anniversary! A year ago today enough Canadians voted to give the Conservative Party a majority government. Here’s a few facts we’ve learned since then:

Budget Fact: To be a fiscal conservative, you don’t have to practice fiscal responsibility.

History Fact: A Canadian politician should know more about hockey history than Canadian political history.

Women Fact: There’s no irony in changing the 400 year old definition of when life begins, even when it could put Canada back 400 years.

Environment Fact: Cutting funding to the CBC is better than ratifying Kyoto, if it will stop promotion of shows like Radio 2 Drive.

Canada Fact: It’s more important to mythologize a 200 year old war nobody won than recognize some little document called the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Creating Space for Questions


Writer, musician, and all around punk rocker David Gault has made a video. Produced for a class taught by Dr. Michael B. MacDonald at the University of Alberta, it explores the role of urban space in politics and music.

By focusing on a song written by Ben Sir from the Edmonton punk band Worst Days Down, Gault highlights the importa…actually, instead of me going on about it, just see for yourself:

Check out more from Worst Days Down at: