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The History of Punk Radio Show #14


Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 29 December, when Mattie from Clean Up Your Act visited the show!

1. The Exploited (Edinburgh) – “Mucky Pup”
2. The Replacements (Minneapolis–Saint Paul) – “Answering Machine”
3. Hüsker Dü (Minneapolis–Saint Paul) – “Chartered Trips”
4. No Problem (Edmonton) – “Paranoid Times”
5. Exits (Edmonton) – “Audiophobia”
6. Evan Symons (Prince George) – “Cactus Eyes Don’t Matter”
7. Rape Revenge (Edmonton) – “Reject Your Blood”
8. Point Break (Calgary) – “Rip Off”
9. Hominid (Edmonton) – “Christian Hardcore Sucks”
10. BIIPIIGWAN (Ontario) – “Man”
11. Karate Kids (Rouyn-Noranda/Vancouver) – “Jeune + Sonique”
12. Color in the Clouds (Strathmore) – “The Kids Don’t Laugh Like They Used To”
13. Time’s Tide (Edmonton) – “Circle(s)”
14. Single Mothers (London ONT) – “Christian Girls”
15. Hello Bastards (London ENG) – “Vain of Ashes”
16. Oi Polloi (Edinburgh) – “Pigs for Slaughter”
17. Vapid (Vancouver) – “Take a Walk Baby”
18. MoonMuseum (Edmonton) – “Pale Face”
19. Rapid Loss (Edmonton) – “Nightmare”




CJSR Playlist 20


Here’s my CJSR Playlist from 1st September!

1. Catholic Girls (Calgary) – “Daddy Hunting”
2. Interpol (NYC) – “Same Town, New Story”
3. Elliot Smith (Portland) – “Miss Misery” (early version)
4. F&M (Edmonton) – “The Hunter”
5. Pennywise (Hermosa Beach) – “Noise Pollution”
6. The Smalls (Edmonton) – “Pity the Man with the Fast Right Hand”
7. SNFU (Edmonton) – “Crude Crude City”
8. The Vaporettos (Vancouver) – “Emily Razorblade”
9. Pavement (Stockton) – “Heaven is a Truck”
10. The Singer and the Songwriter (San Francisco) – “Pacific Coast Highway”
11. Wolf Parade (Montreal) – “Modern World”
12. Pere Ubu (Cleveland) – “Honey Moon”
13. Hooded Fang (Toronto) – “Gravez”
14. Hello Bastards (London) – “Happy Under the Sun” 
15. Tyler Butler (Edmonton) – “Plover” (Live)

Hello Bastards

* Mattie Cuvilier from CLEAN UP YOUR ACT PRODUCTIONS stopped by the show to chat about releasing Hello Bastards new self-titled album! Check it out at

you’re not hardcore unless you’re hardcore for humanity


Photo from the Edmonton Journal

There’s a lot of snow falling in Edmonton today. For most, it means snowball fights and visiting the ski hill, but for those without shelter and warm clothes, the weather puts their lives in danger. Every winter is life-threatening to folks on the street in our city, as they fight in a daily struggle against the cold.

Luckily, they’ve got help from people like Mattie Cuvilier. He’s an adult support worker at Bissell Centre, and the brains and muscle behind Clean Up Your Act Productions, an outfit that’s put on over 100 local shows since 2008. On Friday, November 9th, he’s organizing a great gig at DV8 called “Hardcore for Humanity.”

Cuvilier has teamed up with an awesome lineup of hardcore bands: TODOS CAERANDETROITBREAKBEATEXITS, and CONTENTION. It’s a United Way Fundraiser. Entry is by donation. Food bank and warm clothing donations are happily accepted.

And there’s a real need for these donations. As Cuvilier said in the St. Albert Gazette today:  “People not living in houses are vulnerable. They are easy targets for crime and assault. Women especially are victims to predators. There is the cold, but there is certainly a lot of violence too. And it’s especially difficult for those with diabetes, heart disease, AIDS, arthritis and cancer. If you’re not in housing, you can’t deal with a terrible physical illness and you can’t treat it when living on the streets.”

Helping those in need is important, but it’s not always easy. Going to a local show, with great bands, isn’t one of those times. The only thing hard is the music.