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Music in the Heart of the City!


Heart of the CityThis weekend, the Heart of the City Music Festival is helping the inner-city community celebrate the end of winter!

Two concerts will be held showcasing the talents of musicians hoping to perform at the festival on June 7 and 8 in Giovanni Caboto Park. In previous years, concert auditions for the Heart of the City were held privately, but this time they’ll be held at Boyle Street Community Services and Bissell Centre!

The first show with be at Boyle Street Community Services (10116-105 Avenue NW) on Saturday April 26th, from 1-4PM. Just come through the front doors. On Sunday, April 27th, the second show will be at Bissell Centre (10527-96 Street) on the first floor of the west building.

Everyone is welcome to join the fun at both concerts!

If you have any questions, call Rylan at 780-860-6154. And check out the Heart of the City website,!


It would have made the Grinch’s heart grow 3 more sizes!


Now that it’s mid-January, the lingering consequences of the festive season are starting to disappear. Folks in Edmonton have recovered from their food hangovers, and even their bank accounts are starting to fill up again. As people start to look forward to the coming year, and the warm weather that will hopefully be coming with it, the end of 2012 becomes a cozy memory, in spite of our harsh winter.

This past Christmas, that warm feeling brought on by the holidays even made it to those who suffer through the cruelty of  low temperatures the most.

And it happened because of the Edmonton music community.

On Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day, local artists organized a music festival at Boyle Street Community Services (BSCS). This filled the drop-in centre with music over the most difficult time of the year for people living in the inner city.

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