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F&M is heading EAST! (and then back west)


Edmonton’s F&M is touring Canada!

Which means folks can hear the wonderful music from At Sunset We Sing

All the dates can be found here, but in case you’re averse to clicking, just take a gander below!

At Sunset in Edmonton

From the Edmonton release show at The Artery. Photo credit to Sheena Millar!

11.12.2014 (aka TONIGHT): The Capitol Music Club, SASKATOON
11.13.2014 (aka TOMORROW): The Edge Gallery, WINNIPEG
11.15.2014: The Apollo, THUNDER BAY
11.19.2013: Tranzac, TORONTO
11.21.14: Burritoville, MONTREAL
11.22.14: Zaphood Beeblebrox, OTTAWA

11.28.14: Bellevue Hall, EDMONTON
12.03.14: The Railway Club, VANCOUVER

And as an added bonus, F&M’s talented guitarist Brian is teaming up with his partner Tess on November 30th to release their album Autumn at Edmonton’s Citadel Theatre!


Different Ways of Mending


Edmonton’s F&M just released a music video!

“And We Will Mend Our Broken Hearts,” off the upcoming album At Sunset We Sing, has it all. Inspiration from Andrei Tarkovsky‘s classic Soviet film Stalker? Check. Fancy clothes and cool haircuts? Double check! Wine? OF COURSE. And even a drone, being used for the power of good.

F&M worked with Highwire Films‘ Mike Robertson on the video, using the vivid settings to create a story with living pictures instead of acting. They also teamed up with Riley McElheran. At 14, he’s the youngest pilot in Edmonton’s Radio Control Society. Not to give away any spoilers, but Riley flies a drone for the spectacular end shot of the video. Oh, and there’s intrigue, revenge, and oh yeah, no spoilers.

Here’s the video!

CJSR Playlist 16


Here’s my CJSR Playlist from 4 August! 

Local stalwarts Tyler Butler and F&M joined me in the studio bank vault for a special holiday Monday show. 

1. Iggy & The Stooges (Ann Arbor) – “I Got a Right (Live)”
2. Dub Rifles (Winnipeg) – “Stand” 
3. Banshee (Edmonton) – “Raoul” 
4. Tyler Butler (Edmonton) – “Ben” 
5. Daniel Romano (Welland) – “Poor Girl of Ontario”
6. F&M (Edmonton) – “And we will Mend our Broken Hearts”* 
7. F&M (Edmonton) – “I Have Never Seen Such Darkness”*
8. F&M (Edmonton) – “We Miss the Sea”* 
9. Tyler Butler (Edmonton) – “Plover”
10. F&M (Edmonton) – “Kukushka”*


*Songs off the forthcoming F&M album, At Sunset We Sing, out 4 November.