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Edmonton’s Hour of the 2016 Homelessness Marathon


Every year, stations in cities across Canada take turns sharing local homelessness issues for the rest of the country to hear. Edmonton’s CJSR 88.5FM broadcast the entire marathon on February 23rd and 24th 2016, and our local stories ran from 11:30PM-1AM MST.

Listen here for CJSR’s contribution with hosts Daniel Johnson, Chris Chang-Yen Phillips, and Rylan Kafara. First they introduce the interview with Marlene Orr, who shares how the McCauley community’s Ambrose Place is having a positive impact through supportive housing, harm reduction, and Indigenous cultural practices. The second interview is with Sam Leibel, who started the amazing Society for Safe Accommodations For Queer Edmonton Youth. The final interview is with actors appearing in Boyle Street’s short film City Embers, a fictional movie about what life is like for homeless youth in Edmonton. The actors discuss the process of making the film, and the themes that resonate through the inner-city and the rest of Canada.