The History of Punk Radio Show #32

Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 18 May, when David Gault co-hosted the show, and Jim Nowhere paid us a visit!

1. East End Radicals (Montreal) – “Nation’s Secret Shame”
2. The Rebel Spell (Vancouver) – “Ten Thousand Years”
3. Snake Legs (Edmonton) – “Desperate Times”


4. The Isotopes (Vancouver) – “Juicehead”
5. Shockflesh (Saskatoon) – “Shock”
6. Cancer Bats (Toronto) – “Satellites”
7. Jim Nowhere (Edmonton) – “Twentieth Century”
8. Borscht (Edmonton) – “Jet Stream”
9. The Sweathearts (Edmonton) – “Man Meat”
10. Banshee (Edmonton) – “Raoul Found a Dead Dude”
11. The Operators (780) – “St. Joseph”
12. The Old Sins (Edmonton) – “Six String Dream”
13. Let’s Dance (Edmonton) – “Summer Breeze”
14. Our Mercury (Edmonton) – “Mercury is Fallen”
15. The Cleats (Edmonton) – “Never Look for Tomorrow”
16. Master Splinter (Edmonton) – “Nuketona 500”


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