The History of Punk Radio Show #14

Here’s the History of Punk Playlist on CJSR from 29 December, when Mattie from Clean Up Your Act visited the show!

1. The Exploited (Edinburgh) – “Mucky Pup”
2. The Replacements (Minneapolis–Saint Paul) – “Answering Machine”
3. Hüsker Dü (Minneapolis–Saint Paul) – “Chartered Trips”
4. No Problem (Edmonton) – “Paranoid Times”
5. Exits (Edmonton) – “Audiophobia”
6. Evan Symons (Prince George) – “Cactus Eyes Don’t Matter”
7. Rape Revenge (Edmonton) – “Reject Your Blood”
8. Point Break (Calgary) – “Rip Off”
9. Hominid (Edmonton) – “Christian Hardcore Sucks”
10. BIIPIIGWAN (Ontario) – “Man”
11. Karate Kids (Rouyn-Noranda/Vancouver) – “Jeune + Sonique”
12. Color in the Clouds (Strathmore) – “The Kids Don’t Laugh Like They Used To”
13. Time’s Tide (Edmonton) – “Circle(s)”
14. Single Mothers (London ONT) – “Christian Girls”
15. Hello Bastards (London ENG) – “Vain of Ashes”
16. Oi Polloi (Edinburgh) – “Pigs for Slaughter”
17. Vapid (Vancouver) – “Take a Walk Baby”
18. MoonMuseum (Edmonton) – “Pale Face”
19. Rapid Loss (Edmonton) – “Nightmare”




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