CJSR Playlist 22

Here’s my CJSR Playlist from 15 September!

1. Dumas (Victoriaville) – “Mes Révolutions”
2. Library Voices (Regina) – “Things we Stole from Vonnegut’s Grave”
3. Beat Happening (Olympia) – “Down at the Sea”
4. Mitchmatic (Edmonton) –  “A Night Lost”
5. Fire Next Time (Edmonton) – “Stomp the Ashes”
6. Wool on Wolves (Edmonton) – “Ain’t Seen Mississippi”
7. Vetti and Carla Rae (Edmonton) – “I Do See the Love”
8. Hawksley Workman (Toronto) – “Warhol’s Portrait of Gretzky”
9. Art Bergmann (Vancouver) – “Your Cold Appraising Eye”
10. F&M (Edmonton) – “Razzle Dazzle”
11. Tyler Butler (Edmonton) – “Barghest” (Live)
12. Viet Cong (Calgary) – “Unconscious Melody”
13. Hooded Fang (Toronto) “Tosta Mista”
14. Pennywise (Hermosa Beach) – “What you Deserve”
15. Patti Smith (NYC) – “Smells Like Teen Spirit”


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