CJSR Playlist 19

Here’s my CJSR Playlist from 24 August!

1. Cat Empire (Melbourne) – “Fishies”
2. The Provincial Archive (Edmonton) – “Lay the Keel”
3. Scenic Route to Alaska (Edmonton) – “Tell Me When”
4. KazMega & Baggylean (Edmonton) – “Specialist”
5. Jaide (Edmonton) – “Drowning”
6. Kaley Bird (Edmonton) – “Dishes Ain’t Done”
7. Erica Viegas (Edmonton) – “Bicycle”
8. The Collective West (Edmonton) – “Old”
9. Catholic Girls (Calgary) – “Beast”
10. Bikini Kill (Olympia) – “Double Dare Yah”
11. Bikini Kill (Olympia) – “Liar”
12. Tigerwing (Edmonton) – “The Hunt”
13. Borscht (Edmonton) – “Boys who Make Out”
14. The Sweathearts (Edmonton) – “Man Meat”
15. Sonic Youth (New York City) – “Touch me I’m Sick”
16. Hooded Fang (Toronto) – “Gravez”
17. Soundgarden (Seattle) – “Hunted Down”
18. Patti Smith (New York City) – “White Rabbit”

*Performing at… 

not enough fest endless bummer

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