CJSR Playlist 14

Here’s my CJSR Playlist from 21 July!

1. Scenic Route to Alaska (Edmonton) – “Paris”
2. Choir and Marching Band (Edmonton) – “Love Canal”
3. Bombproof the Horses (Edmonton) – “Beyond Me”
4. Mark Holmgren & Early Warning (Edmonton) – “Walter Was a Thin Man”
5. Wagons (Melbourne) – “Hold on Caroline”
6. Jeff Stuart & the Hearts (Edmonton) – “Pale White Lie”
7. Corb Lund (Edmonton) – “Good Copenhagen”
8. Neil Young (Winnipeg) – “My Hometown”
9. Chad VanGaalen (Calgary) – “Hangman’s Son”
10. Dana Wylie (Edmonton) – “Blackwaterslide”
11. Jennifer Jane (Edmonton) – “Not Small at All”
12. Flaming Lips (Oklahoma City) – “Riot in my Brain”
13. KazMega & Baggylean (Edmonton) – “Lions vs. Sheep”
14. Viet Cong (Calgary) – “Throw it Away”
15. Dub Rifles (Winnipeg) – “No Town No Country”


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