CJSR Playlist 4

Here’s my fourth playlist on CJSR, from Friday 7 March!

1. Hooded Fang (Toronto)- “Clap”
2. The Suppliers (Calgary)- “Simple Man”
3. The Frolics (Edmonton)- “Ripe”
4. Wool on Wolves (Edmonton)- “Unsuspecting Ways”
5. Scenic Route to Alaska (Edmonton)- “Mountains”
6. Tyler Butler (Edmonton)- “Morana”
7. F&M (Edmonton)- “This Winter Revisited”
8. The Provincial Archive (Edmonton)- “Common Cards”
9. The Skips (Edmonton)- “Tightrope Walker
10. Dana Wylie (Edmonton)- “Tiny White Girl Blues”
11. Billie Zizi & Cam Neufeld (Edmonton)- “Cold Like That”
12. Colleen Brown (Edmonton)- “The Great Divide”
13. Tinariwen (Mali)- “Tinadrit in Sahara”
14. Vance Joy (Melbourne)-  “Riptide”
15. The Replacements (Minneapolis)- “I Hate Music”
16. Husker Dü (Minneapolis)- “Eight Miles High”
17. Prince (Minneapolis)- “When Doves Cry”
18. Choke  (Edmonton)- “Momentary Relapse”
19. The Smalls (Edmonton)- “Pity the Man with the Fast Right Hand”
20. Brothers Grimm (Edmonton)- “Hey Jude”
21. Public Enemy (Long Island)- “Most of my Heroes Still Don’t Appear on No Stamps”
22. KRS One (South Bronx)- “Sound of Da Police”
23. Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel (South Bronx) – “White Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It)”
24. Antony and the Johnsons (New York City)- “Shake that Devil”
25. The Frank (Red Deer)- “Slick Your Hair Back”
26. Shout Out Out Out Out (Edmonton)- “Never the Same Way Twice”


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