CJSR Playlist 2

Here’s my second playlist on CJSR, from Friday 14 February!

Hooded Fang – “Tosta Mista”
Wool on Wolves – “Ain’t Seen Mississippi”
F&M – “Fame”
Tyler Butler – “Plover”
Audio/Rocketry – “Hey Dynasty, Don’t Forget..”
SNFU – “Drunk on a Bike”
Jr. Gone Wild – “Where the Hell are You?”
Minstrels on Speed – “Jacking Deer”
The Smalls – “Middle of the Road”
The Gits – “Second Skin”
Library Voices – “Haunt this House”
The Slates – “The Most Forgotten French Boy” (Dogs Cover)
Ben Disaster – “One Fist Pounding Against the Stage”
The Stranglers – “European Female”
Television – “Little Johnny Jewel Parts 1 & 2”
Procol Harum (with the ESO) – “Conquistador”
Scott Cook – “Song for a Pilgrim”
Black Flag – “Get Out of my Way”
The Manticores – “How Zelda Feels”
The Young Canadians – “Hawaii”
The Avengers – “American in Me”
De La Soul – “Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)
Arcade Fire – “Intervention”


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