The History of Punk, Class #18

The History of Punk
Monday January 13 7:30PM
Location: Humanities Centre 1-14, The University of Alberta
All-Ages & All-Welcome


The Screamers

When a local music scene’s institutions (venues, labels, fanzines) become well-developed, and its musicians garner enough attention from outside the region, it attracts new participants. They could be like-minded writers or guitar players keen to join a new community (or just have a change of scenery). Alternatively, if the scene is seeing mainstream success, folks could depart their local scene for the chance to further their careers.

In this class, we will look look at the transmission of local scene members from one community to another. We will examine the myriad of reasons that causes this. Focusing on musicians from Seattle since the 1950s and specifically on the punk community from the late 70s to early 90s, we will also discuss the factors that lead musicians from a scene to decide to stay.

“The Importance of Music Communities”
“Transmissions from the Punk Heart”

The Avengers “The American in Me”
The Screamers “The Beat Goes On” 
The Fartz “Take a Stand Against the Klan”
10 Minute Warning “Face First”
Duff McKagan on leaving Seattle for Los Angeles
Duff McKagan on visiting Vancouver

The Avengers

The Fartz

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