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December 23 is the unsung hero of the holiday season. Days like the 24th and 25th get all the credit for bringing festive cheer. Heck, even Boxing Day gets lots of attention, and its biggest claim to fame is that you can buy stuff at the prices they should have cost all along.

The 23rd, however, is the day most people are home for the holidays, but don’t have any responsibilities yet – other than maybe getting last minute gifts they forgot to pick up. So, a tradition began where friends get together to catch up and unwind after another busy year. Everyone knows all their pals will be at the local pub, restaurant, or bowling alley. Folks have gotten to calling this important day “D23” – an incredibly clever nickname that makes the day sound like a Michael Bay movie. It also makes D12 scared there’s another rap group out there like them, but with 11 times the bling.

Some people, though, can’t just be content with it being one of the most fun days of the year. They’ve got to go and make it into something that also does a lot of good. These people include a guy named Nathan Richards, and half of the Edmonton music community. They are banding together to put on a fundraiser for Bissell Centre, an inner-city agency that helps remove barriers and eliminate poverty.

So tonight, D23, the day formally known as December 23rd, you can go to On the Rocks, have a turkey dinner, see some great music, have fun, and know that you’re doing something that is HELPING PEOPLE.

Bissell Centre Fundraiser

Here’s the line-up:

Jay Sparrow
The Soulicitors
The Collective West (members of)
Owls By Nature (members of)
The Blackstone
The Jake Ian Band
Mayday and the Beatcreeps
Brian McLeod
Mae Anderson
Nicole Koch
The Whytes
Dean Lonsdale

So if you come to the show tonight, you’ll see a big chunk of the local music community using their powers for good. Bring your appetite, and if you have an extra hoodie, bring that along too – the Bissell Centre has a #yegwarming goal of providing 800 new hoodies for folks out in the cold.

To find out more about the Bissell Centre and the fundraiser, here’s a handy interview to watch from Breakfast Television.

Here’s the facebook event for D23 – 3rd Annual “Edmonton Musicians team up to help The Bissell Centre” 

And here’s a internet high-five for coming out tonight and supporting the community: BAM.

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