Keep the Artery Flowing

According to the only reliable source for science, Wikipedia, a human artery is part of the circulatory system. This circulatory system, it says, “is extremely important for sustaining life.” Just like the human body needs its arteries, the Edmonton music scene needs its artery too. The Artery is a local venue housing all kinds of creativity, and it’s vital to the Edmonton artistic community. Since there’s no Wikipedia entry for the Artery, I can’t back this up with science, but this might be the one time that’s not necessary.

A few days ago, the Artery was broken into. The venue suffered a myocardial infarction which, if it was in any other city, might mean its demise. Edmonton’s scene, however, is full of musicians and artists that would never let that happen. So tonight, Wednesday August 8th, the Artery is hosting its “Break in Relief Party.”

Some of Edmonton’s best bands, like F&M and Scenic Route to Alaska, are playing. There will be comedy from the Wunderbar’s Craig Martellica, and even some magic tri…er, illusions, from Tad Hargrave. And that’s not even the full-lineup! The Tchir Brothers and Jordan Norman are playing too. There will be a silent auction with works from local artists like Chelsey Adel and Kevin Green. Oh, and albums up for grabs from lots of local bands. Heck, Liam Copeland has even donated a guitar from Long & McQuade, and JCL Productions have supplied free tickets to some great shows.

Edmonton venues have been in danger before , but the community has rallied together and kept things going. Tonight, it’s happening again.

Doors at 7:30, and music starts at 8:15. Entry by donation.


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