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Tonight in Edmonton Music!


Edmonton’s Tyler Butler is joining  Bry Webb and Zachary Lucky tonight at the Elevation Room!

Tickets are $20, get them at yegliveBlackbird Myoozik, or at the door if there’s any left!


North by Edmonton


Everybody is rushing to Toronto’s North by Northeast Festivals and Conference this week. Almost 800 bands are performing at all the great venues around the CN Tower. Sure, there will be lots of  musicians from the GTA, but there’s also talented folks from all over the world hitting the stages. Edmonton is no exception. Here’s a preview of the 4 acts headed out east from the North by Northwest.

Hurry! We’re on in 5 minutes!


Straight from Graceland


The History of Punk, Class #5


The Edmonton Free School
Saturday 9 June 2:00PM
Location: Humanities 1-14, The University of Alberta
All-Ages, All-Welcome

“Folk = Punk”

Traditionally, folk and punk music were kept separate in the literary discourse. Instead of bringing to light any similarities, the differences between the two genres have been highlighted. This seminar turns away from this historical framework. Instead, we will examine a shared sound of protest, and a mutual attitude that spans across genres.  

Folk expert Dr. Michael MacDonald will be joining us for the class, which will again be in picnic form. If you can, please bring some food to share!


Fashion is a Passion, pp. 15-16
I, Shithead, pp. 177-181
Tyler Butler – Folk vs. Punk vs. Punk
Lyndsay Hobbs – The Evolution of Punk
The Many Sides to Nowhere: Blurring the lines between music and art 


Woody Guthrie – “This Land is Your Land”
The Clash – “Know Your Rights”
Billy Bragg – “Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards”
 Joe Keithley – “Playlist for the Planet”
Tom Morello – “This Land is Your Land”
Billy Bragg & Wilco – “All You Fascists” 

NextFest Starts Today!


NextFest 2012. June 7-17. Edmonton. 500 artists.

Edmonton Musicians Hit the Open Sky


Edmonton’s Open Sky Music Festival is this weekend, and the line-up of musicians is diverse, first-rate, and lots of different acronyms for awesome. Chali 2na from Jurassic 5 is headlining the opening night on Friday, and then there’s, you know, THE WAILERS playing Saturday, and Hey Ocean on Sunday.

This surf rock, reggae and roots festival isn’t just bringing in top performers from across the world, but they’ve also enlisted a crack team of local musicians to hit the stage. This A-Team of Edmonton talent will fit right in with the big names from out of town. Here’s a preview: