Top 5 things to do in Edmonton this weekend

Sometimes, people have to make really tough decisions. If you like Edmonton music, you might have to do your best Kurt Douglas and Steven Seagal this weekend.

Here’s a top 5 list of shows coming up:


1) The Heaviside CD Release party is tonight at the Pawn Shop. They’ve pulled out all the stops for support – so they’ll be joined by The Frank, The Apresnos, and Cloud Seeker.

2) The Collective West are playing the Elevation Room in the basement of Transcend Coffee. And not only them, but Jordan Norman and Bryan Coffey too!

3) The Mange, The Press Gang, and Zero Cool are bringing punk rock to DV8. Don’t worry, they’ll still let you in even if you don’t have a mohawk.


4) If you aren’t too tuckered out from Friday night, the Artery is hosting an art jam, with Ariane Mahryke Lemire, Mae Anderson, Julian Constantin & DJ D-rek’d. Plus a whole heap of artists will have their work there to make sure the place lives up to its name!

5) Görgön Hörde, Rebuild/Repair, Betty Machete, and The Frolics are all hitting the stage at the New City Legion. Since there’s so many of them, they’re taking turns, don’t worry.

Well, that’s 5 shows already I guess we’re don…wait a second, there’s still SUNDAY!

6) Erica Vegas and Chasing Jones are at On the Rocks! Even if you’re exhausted from all the other shows, the mental anguish you’ll suffer the rest of your life if you miss this show just isn’t worth it.

Have fun!

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