3 cheers for 3 more beers!

These days, the phrase “rock ‘n’ roll cliche,” is, well…a cliché. Rock bands party hard. Rock bands sing about partying hard. When they want to divert from songs about partying hard, they write songs about girls. And totally rocking. Escapism serves its purpose – it’s fun, and if you don’t read into it too much, you aren’t offended by the materialism, misogyny, or badly written riffs and lyrics. Cause you know, there’s fireworks and stuff.

Theory of a Deadman trying out for Zoolander II

But every once and a while, there’s a band that breaks from the mold, but is still somehow totally rocking. The Frank is a band that manages exactly that. Take their new  3 More Beers EP. From the title, you can infer three things: that it’s a sequel, they like beer, and if they like beer they MUST BE TOTALLY ROCKING! And you’d be right. However, that’s where the conventions end.

The first song, “You Will Remain” is about losing someone, but it isn’t wrapped up in the usual self-pity that’s become the rock ‘n’ roll standard. Instead, it’s full of hope and inspiration – a beautiful epitaph. The second bee…er, song, “Open Tuning Song” defies the status quo as well. Instead of the meaningless angst that gets played again and again on the radio – its lyrics are self-critical, but at the same time constructive. And rather than using the “I’m alone and nobody understands me” formula that ironically takes a self-loathing musician straight into a mansion with an electric fence – the song has a communal aspect which stresses that people need to work together to get through life’s challenges:

There’s a little bit of you in everything I do/
And a little bit of me/
There’s a little bit of light through that open door/
Just enough to read/

The last round of 3 More Beers is fittingly called “Drive Me Home.” Its got the typical rock ‘n’ roll notions of hitting the road and partying too hard, but it’s also playful and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Because, really, can you be totally rocking if you’re serious about it all the time?

Order 3 More Beers here:


The Frank are playing with The Apresnos, Cloud Seeker, and Heaviside this Friday night at the Pawn Shop in Edmonton:


And check ’em out online at these fine www establishments:


The Frank on Facebook

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  1. David Attenborough Says:

    Great review =)

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