5 Facts from Harper’s Canada

Happy anniversary! A year ago today enough Canadians voted to give the Conservative Party a majority government. Here’s a few facts we’ve learned since then:

Budget Fact: To be a fiscal conservative, you don’t have to practice fiscal responsibility.

History Fact: A Canadian politician should know more about hockey history than Canadian political history.

Women Fact: There’s no irony in changing the 400 year old definition of when life begins, even when it could put Canada back 400 years.

Environment Fact: Cutting funding to the CBC is better than ratifying Kyoto, if it will stop promotion of shows like Radio 2 Drive.

Canada Fact: It’s more important to mythologize a 200 year old war nobody won than recognize some little document called the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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One Comment on “5 Facts from Harper’s Canada”

  1. Apu de Bonmarche Says:

    Fun Fact: Apparently more Canadians side with child pornographers than with our beloved Stephen!

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