Edmonton is my Jam

Say, have you heard about the new website, This is my Jam?

Don’t pull a Ron Burgundy and be fooled by the question mark I added in – it actually has a very descriptive name. All you have to do is join the site, pick a song you want to tell people about – and it becomes “your jam” for up to a week. Then you pick a new one. Since I’m lucky enough to have friends with their fingers on the pulse of stuff that’s hip, I found out about the site and started jammin’ about a month ago.

A very good, yet different kind, of jam.

Now that I’m getting the hang of it, I’ve decided all my new jams will have something in common: they’ll all be by bands from Edmonton. There’s so much cool stuff going on in the music scene here, it would be a silly shame not to showcase some of the songs, and use alliteration whenever possible.

For instance, my jam this week is a song called “Old” by The Collective West. The more people that get to listen to this band, the better. They’re up for an Edmonton Music Award this year, and are writing new songs that’ll knock your socks off. And sorry to ruin the surprise, but next week my jam will be a song by local music heroes F&M – a band that has not only covered the theme song to The Littlest Hobo, but that very song has recently been used in a little movie you might have heard of, called Goon.

You’ll find the Edmonton jams here:


– and while you’re there, you might as well let people know what music you’ve been listening to too!

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