Thesis Playlist

So I thought if I was going to write a thesis, it might as well have a playlist. Give a click on any of the tracks listed below see what kinda stuff was having an impact on the music milieux of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, 1950s-1990s.

Charles Peterson is the best photographer ever.

Chapter One:

Scott Joplin “Maple Leaf Rag”
Grace Holden “All I Need”
Alan Freed “Radio Aircheck – WJW Cleveland 1954”
Louis Armstrong “When the Saints Go Marching In”
Freddie Keppard “Here Comes the Hot Tamale Man”
Jelly Roll Morton “Fat Meat and Greens”
Duke Ellington “It Don’t Mean a Thing”
Woody Guthrie “All You Fascists Bound to Lose”
Little Bill and the Bluenotes “Hallelujah I Love Her So”
Ray Charles “Rockin’ Chair Blues”
Quincy Jones “Evening in Paris”
Little Richard and the Upsetters “Every Night About this Time”
Sam Cooke “A Change is Gonna Come”
James Brown “Out of Sight (live in Olympia 1966)”
The Temptations “Get Ready”
Jimi Hendrix “Hey Joe”
Jimi Hendrix “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)”
Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On”
Robert Cray “Smoking Gun”
Ray Charles “Hit the Road Jack”

Chapter Two:

The Benny Goodman Orchestra “Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)”
Richard Berry “Louie Louie”
The Sonics “Louie Louie”
Paul Revere and the Raiders “Louie Louie”
The Kingsmen “Louie Louie”
Elvis Presley “That’s All Right”
Little Willie John “Fever”
The Fleetwoods “Come Softly to Me”
Little Bill and the Bluenotes “I Love an Angel”
The Frantics “Werewolf”
The Wailers “Tall Cool One”
The Ventures “Walk Don’t Run”
Franklin D. Roosevelt “On the Bank Crisis – Sunday 13 March 1933”
Jimi Hendrix “Spanish Castle Magic”
The Wailers “Rosalie”
Paul Revere and the Raiders “Beatnik Sticks”
The Sonics “The Witch”
The Sonics “The Hustler”
The Sonics “Strychnine”
The Telepaths “Black”
The Dead Kennedys “California Über Alles”
Black Flag “Six Pack”
D.O.A. “World War 3”
The Fartz “Because This Fucking World Stinks”
The Germs “What We Do is Secret”
Guns N’ Roses “Welcome to the Jungle”

Chapter Three:

Mother Love Bone “Crown of Thorns”
Jane’s Addiction “Had a Dad”
Soundgarden “He Didn’t (Live from Seattle Bumbershoot Festival 1988)”
Mudhoney “Touch Me I’m Sick”
Ronald Reagan “Morning in America”
Fugazi “Waiting Room”
Hüsker Dü “Eight Miles High”
The Replacements “Unsatisfied”
Scream “Came Without Warning”
Martha Quinn “MTV VJ 1982”
Mötley Crüe “Girls, Girls, Girls”
The Dead Kennedys “Pull My Strings”
Mr. Epp and the Calculations “Of Course I’m Happy, Why?”
Rodney Bingenheimer “Rodney on the ROQ Theme”
Wipers “Doom Town”
Beat Happening “Black Candy (live on TCTV 1998)”
The U-Men “They”
The Melvins “Happy Grey or Black”
The Fastbacks “Swallow My Pride”
The Gits “Insecurities”
Skin Yard “Skins in My Closet”
Green River “This Town”
Malfunkshun “With Yo’ Heart (Not Yo’ Hands)”
The Posies “Ontario”
The Young Fresh Fellows “Amy Grant”
The Green Pajamas “Kim the Waitress”
Screaming Trees “You Tell Me All These Things”
Nirvana “Spank Thru (1/23/88)”
Tad “Loser”
Sonic Youth “Kill Yr. Idols”
Sonic Youth “Teenage Riot”
Alice in Chains “We Die Young”
Pearl Jam “Why Go”
7 Year Bitch “M.I.A.”
Bikini Kill “Double Dare Ya”
Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

And here’s a link to the youtube playlist with all the songs actually playing like a playlist:

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