When a university degree just isn’t enough

So the other day, the most important (and only) writer for this very blog was interviewed by the Globe and Mail for an article on the merit of a Bachelor of Arts degree.  So before starting with the jokes, here’s the article. And by the way, whatever “hilarious” jokes you think of, from getting a job at McDonald’s to making a really good latte – they’re already in the comments section.

“When a university degree just isn’t enough” by James Bradshaw. The Globe and Mail, 9 May 2011

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One Comment on “When a university degree just isn’t enough”

  1. Sequel to @globeandmail’s article on the value of a BA “Job-seeking #university graduates give it the old #college try” http://t.co/CBBhdtg

    Completing the #trilogy on #Arts’ degrees: @globeandmail’s “A portrait of the art school’s vision for #graduates” http://t.co/nWCYxHs

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