getting your finger on the pulse of google searches

this is NOT an internet gumshoe

At the end of the year, the nice folks at WordPress send an email out to blogpeople (is that the politically correct term?) giving stats on how many people visited their blog, which post was the most popular, etc. Each blogperson can then post these stats on their blog, to show off to others how many visitors they had in 2010.

Since it’s common knowledge that millions of people visit this site everyday, the hardworking legions here at thepastisunwritten (dotcom) thought it might be better to post some of the more…unusual…funny…interesting…scary…google searches that led people to this site. Except for the very last one, these are all unedited. One thing is for sure, the modern day gumshoes of the internetmachine sure don’t search like they used to.

-how many masters students cheat?

-garbage men martin luther king

-Faustian dogs

-pictures of Denver Swainson

-cheating is just another course

-hype wack slacks

-ww11 us secret weapon

-was the tom tom club white

-smiley face, asian

-fear of multiple choice tests

-beer commercial point + laugh ugly sweater

-2 things America got right, cars and freedom

-clapton beat pattie boyd

-wyclef jean sold his soul

-counterculture women pornographic

-canadian bowtie

-terry fox punk canada

-rylan kafara red deer

-pics of hitler being good

-let’s twist digging

-can you get in trouble for having a hitler mustache?

-nixon wikileaks jew

-writing papers for people cheating

-if the pixies want to boycott israel, then canada is at war with the pixies

-оригинальные кеды converse

-if you were punk i wouldn’t have to describe it to you

-dropping a iron

-indira samarasekera salary

-government definition for punk

-what’s been up with krist novoselic of nirvana

There’s a lot more, but you get the idea. Here’s the last one (in edited form) :

-a guy with a Hitler mustache [making love to] a girl

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