WikiLeaks in the 1970s

Hear all about it: United States President Richard Nixon kept secret recordings of his conversations in the Oval Office. This is, of course, until the Watergate committee found out about them. Recently those tapes have been released by the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum, and a new batch came out last week. They shed a lot of light onto Nixon’s personality and more candid opinions on American foreign policy, Vietnam  draft dodgers, and the circumstances of Jews in the Soviet Union.

Not to mention blacks, Italians, and the drinking prowess of the Irish.  

It seems like Nixon fancied himself a keen observer of people. According to him: “I’ve just recognized that, you know, all people have certain traits.” Here’s some of these “traits” he recognized:

In the Italians: “those people of course don’t have their heads screwed on tight. They are wonderful people, but…”

In the Jews: ““The Jews are just a very aggressive and abrasive and obnoxious personality.”

In the REAL Irish: “the Irish can’t drink. What you always have to remember with the Irish is they get mean. Virtually every Irish I’ve known gets mean when he drinks. Particularly the real Irish.” 

Here’s Nixon talking to his secretary Rose Mary Woods on William P. Roger’s opinions on the future of blacks in America:

“Bill Rogers has got — to his credit it’s a decent feeling — but somewhat sort of a blind spot on the black thing because he’s been in New York,” Nixon said. “He says well,‘They are coming along, and that after all they are going to strengthen our country in the end because they are strong physically and some of them are smart.’ So forth and so on.

“My own view is I think he’s right if you’re talking in terms of 500 years,” he said. “I think it’s wrong if you’re talking in terms of 50 years. What has to happen is they have been, frankly, inbred. And, you just, that’s the only thing that’s going to do it, Rose.”

And here’s a little chat Noble Peace Prize winner Henry Kissinger and Nixon had on Jews back in the USSR:

Kissinger: “The emigration of Jews from the Soviet Union is not an objective of American foreign policy and if they put Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union, it is not an American concern. Maybe a humanitarian concern.”

Nixon: “I know. We can’t blow up the world because of it.”

And don’t forget the Vietnam War OR Canada (please): 

No Amnesty? “I didn’t notice many Jewish names coming back from Vietnam on any of those lists; I don’t know how the hell they avoid it. If you look at the Canadian-Swedish contingent, they were very disproportionately Jewish. The deserters.”

Read the article in the New York Times where I got all these quotes: In Tapes, Nixon Rails About Jews and Blacks” 

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2 Comments on “WikiLeaks in the 1970s”

  1. William A. Gilgan Says:

    I wish Obama would make some tapes behind closed doors, that is how presidents come to be remembered. Vietnam has become quite a vacation destination, it’s on our short list.

  2. “Richard Nixon Watergate testimony ordered released”

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