Choose Your Own Wool on Wolves Adventure!

To begin, please sing the following words to the tune of “Sweet Jane” by the Velvet Underground.

Tom, he is a family man, and Kevin…he’s a Jack of all Trades. Brody, he’s a really good question, and Gord, he’s a geophysi…cist. Huh. Eric, well he’s satisfied…and, you know, overprescribed…

[skip a few bars of the song here]

…and when they come home from work…

…They’re Wool on Wolves. And they’ve got a new album out. Today. Tuesday 9 November 2010. Oh, and if you haven’t already – you can stop singing the song now, cheers.

I sat down with Wool on Wolves in the real world to ask ’em about what it’s like being part of the Edmonton music milieu, finding a fine balance, and of course…what they like about music… 

As I always say, why do a normal interview when you can do one that’s a Choose Your Own Adventure? If you’re new to the CYOA game, it’s pretty simple. Each of the following youtube clips is a video of Wool on Wolves answering a specific question. Scroll through, and click on what interests you (aka – all of them). Have fun and enjoy!  

How did Wool on Wolves form?

What bands are your major influences?

How important has the Edmonton Music Milieu been to the band?

Have you guys seen the Social Network?

How do you balance between your jobs and your music?

What happens when you don’t do your homework?

What was it like recording your new album?

No doot aboot the Canadian music community…eh?

What does Stephen Harper think of Wool on Wolves?

How do you compete with Metric for grant money?

Where are you going on tour?

Any last words?

Hold on, the adventure ain’t over yet!

Check out this real swell video on their new album:

And holy moly, starting today you can buy their new album Grey Matter on itunes:

Here’s a review of their album:

Here’s their website:

Here’s their myspace:

Here’s their twitter: 

Here’s their CBC 3 website:

Here’s Brody Irvine on CBC RADIO EDMONTON:—wool-on-wolves/

Here’s the Vue Weekly article on Wool on Wolves:

Here’s an Edmonton Journal article on Grey Matter:

Here’s a post on them from the blog Quick Before it Melts:

Here’s their tour dates:

10 Nov:      Leduc              Burnsy O’Flannagans Public House
11 Nov:       Calgary           Broken City Social Club
12 Nov:      Regina             O’Hanlon’s Pub
13 Nov:      Winnipeg        The Park Theatre
20 Nov:      Saskatoon      Amigos  
27 Nov:      Edmonton     The Pawn Shop
10 Dec:       Red Deer        The Vat


At their show on 27th November at the Pawn Shop in Edmonton, you’ll get a free copy of Grey Matter at the door with every ticket!

You can buy tickets here:

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  1. […] on Wolves, no strangers to articles on this here blog, have made a video. Its shots are immersed in the familiar sights of Edmonton, and it carries a […]

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